2021: A Year of Growth and Recognition for CUJO AI

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2021 was a year of expansive growth and recognition for our company. We have solidified our position as the largest cybersecurity service provider for the leading network service providers and reached several astounding milestones.

Our Digital Life Protection platform has grown significantly over 2021 and currently serves over 40 million households, covering more than 1 billion connected devices.

This year, we have also released a new product called On The Move, which extends CUJO AI services outside the protected home network, enabling better mobile device security and content controls in a unified connected experience for Internet service subscribers.

On top of that, researchers from CUJO AI Labs have actively shared a lot of information and research materials this year, which you can discover in our blog.

Growth and Record Scale

March marked a major milestone for our Digital Life Protection platform, as it reached unprecedented scale in carrier production networks, surpassing 1 billion devices. We continued to scale throughout the year, and by October our services had reached 40 million households, growing over 60% since last year.

CUJO AI reached uprecedented scale in March, surpassing 1 billion connected devices

New Product Released

In June, we officially  launched On The Move – the mobile SDK that network operators can use in their native apps to extend CUJO AI services outside the home networks. On The Move extends Digital Life Protection outside the home network and helps mobile users enjoy the same quality of protections wherever they are. To learn more, read the On The Move whitepaper.

Get the On The Move whitepaper

Research and Reports

CUJO AI released several in-depth analyses and reports in 2021. In June, we published the report called the State of Connected Devices in North America 2020/21. This extensive annual report focused on the latest smart device usage trends in the United States and Canada.

Throughout the year, CUJO AI Labs continuously published security reports and analyses. In the IoT Chronicles, our researchers presented data from networks protected by CUJO AI and published several reports detailing insights about the most prevalent threats faced by connected devices.

In the Honeypot Journals, researchers went in-depth to examine the scale of malicious attacks, attacker tactics and malicious binaries used to penetrate and abuse consumer networks. CUJO AI Labs also released several botnet analyses, covering the evolution of the Sysrv botnet, as well as new discoveries of a new Mirai/Gafgyt fork and the Krane botnet malware. The latest report was published just last week, examining close to 2,800 malicious binaries used in IoT botnets.

Read the IoT botnet report 2021

Last, but not least, we have released the results of a large survey we conducted in four countries: the US, Germany, France, and Italy. It examines consumer perceptions and activities in relation to online cybersecurity threats. You can view the results now, by downloading the full Cybersecurity Perceptions Survey report.

Access the Cybersecurity Perceptions Survey results

Awards and Recognition

This year, CUJO AI won three awards.

The Best Network AI Innovation Award at the Future Digital Awards – we won the Platinum award in the Telco Innovation category for the CUJO AI platform.

The Global InfoSec Award – we won the Cutting Edge in Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) award in the 9th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at RSA 2021.

The AI Breakthrough Award – for the Best Machine Learning Platform.

As CUJO AI successfully scales and releases new products, the recognition of our service is growing, as evidenced by four more industry awards where CUJO AI was shortlisted at:

  • The SC Awards Europe – our security solution CUJO AI Sentry was nominated for the Best IOT/IIOT Security Solution award.
  • The GLOMO Awards in the Best Mobile Operator Service for the Connected Customer category at the MWC 2021 – teasing the upcoming public release of CUJO AI On The Move.
  • The Leading Lights Awards – recognized as one of the strongest contenders for the Company of the Year award at one of the most prestigious industry awards.
  • GLOTEL Awards – CUJO AI was recognised in the Telecoms Transformation category at the Global Telecom Awards, organized by Telecoms.com.

The MLSEC2021

CUJO AI partnered with competition sponsor Microsoft and other contributors VM-Ray, MRG Effitas and NVIDIA, to host the 3rd Machine Learning Security Evasion Competition (MLSEC). The MLSEC2021 ran from June to October and has grown significantly since last year. Read more about the competition in the MLSEC2021 winner announcement.

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