CUJO AI On The Move

Mobile Device Protection Across All Networks

The versatile SDK for Android and iOS devices that extends CUJO AI Digital Life Protection services outside the home network. On The Move gives your end-users the same peace of mind and proactive security wherever they go online.

Create a unified experience for the end-user, regardless of location and connection type

Increase the usage rate of your native mobile app and gain more positive interactions

Differentiate your brand with a unique security solution for home and mobile devices

With On The Move You Can

Enhance your service offering with cutting-edge Digital Life Protection solutions for mobile devices:

Extend mobile device protection outside the home network.

Differentiate your brand with a relevant, effective, and unique security solution.

Increase the adoption and engagement rates for your native application.

Provide a much safer mobile browsing experience with comprehensive security reports and alerts.

Prevent access to suspicious, unsecure, and low-reputation websites.

Stop privacy threats from unsecure networks.

Mobile Security in the Spotlight

Network operators are now able to solve the majority of mobile device security issues by extending CUJO AI services outside the home, effectively providing a seamless, unified and safe connected experience to their end users.

Safe browsing experiences on mobile devices are paramount to good security:

  • Mobile phones make up over 36% of all connected devices.
  • Mobile devices move 30% of the time and can use unsecure networks to access the Internet.
  • 95% of all cyber threats come from accessing low-reputation websites.
  • CUJO AI performs more than 10 billion web reputation checks every day.
  • Our algorithms stop an average of 4,800 threats every minute.

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Enhance Your Native Application

CUJO AI On The Move is a versatile mobile SDK that enables unified Digital Life Protection for end users outside of their home network. It offers the same level of protection regardless of where the end users are, making public Wi-Fi or cellular 4G/5G connections as safe as the users’ own home network.

On The Move extends CUJO AI’s network-based protection for the mobile device by syncing the home account information on user profiles and connected devices with the CUJO AI Cloud. It enables the same Digital Life Protection features that are set for devices on the home network and brings additional device-specific security features.

Seamless Integration with the CUJO AI Cloud

CUJO AI On The Move mobile protection

Optional Add-ons for On The Move

Advanced Android Device Protection

Google Play and third-party app stores are popular distribution vectors for Android malware. This additional Device Protection application for Android devices detects any malicious files or applications and remediates the issue for the user.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Get a combined VPN and filtering solution that provides a better Internet experience for end users. The optional VPN solution protects the entire connection and provides granular, automated controls to manage network loads and Quality of Service.


CUJO AI Gateway Security and On The Move



On The Move Whitepaper

Learn how On The Move delivers mobile security and extends CUJO AI services outside the home.

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Threats to Mobile Devices

Here is what our data shows about the most prevalent security threats to mobile devices.

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On The Move at a Glance

Download a single-page paper for a quick introduction to On The Move.

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