Key Capabilities

Open-source Based

CUJO AI Cloud is built on standard architectural components based on open-source and operators can integrate their own workflows within the open architecture without fear of vendor lock-in.

Private Instances on Public Cloud

CUJO AI Cloud is deployed according to customer specifications in private instances on public cloud services, guaranteeing full operator control, scalability, regional regulatory compliance and data privacy. It has a high availability design that includes geographic redundancy and diversity.

Automated Deployment

CUJO AI Cloud is deployed and scaled rapidly through a largely automated process. Real-time monitoring and management further assures high availability.


CUJO AI Cloud has been scale tested to support over 50 million concurrently connected agents (gateways) and over 1 billion connected devices.

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CUJO AI Platform

Cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates, and acts on network data


Monitors data and enforces policy at key points in the network

CUJO AI Engine

Constantly reinforcing AI Engine that processes and curates data