Protect your customers and all their devices

Offer full end-user security as a service to your customers: no device left behind thanks to advanced AI cybersecurity.

Mitigate emerging risks to your service

Use AI algorithms to prevent devices on your network from participating in botnets and DDoS attacks.

Improve the differentiation of your brand

Customers that adopted Sentry have increased customer engagement on native apps.

Sentry is a digital security service for consumers and businesses that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and block threats directed at any device connected to the network, while respecting the privacy of the end-users.​

Once deployed on any broadband router, CUJO AI Sentry requires no additional software to secure any and all computers, phones or IoT devices in the home. Sentry can also be deployed on the carrier’s native app to provide full protection to mobile devices outside the home network.

The Best Cybersecurity Solution for Network Operators

Sentry is a multi-layered security solution for broadband customers that already covers over 1,000,000,000 connected devices on production networks, preventing 8,113 threats every minute.

Rapid, streamlined deployments – 7 major carriers have launched our products in 6 months or less with a proven, standardized approach.

Protects 100% of connected devices, including outdated IoT and smart home machines, for the cost of limited endpoint security solutions.

Introduces a high-margin core service that acts as a differentiator for a network service provider.

Prevents more than 350 million monthly malicious remote access attempts on over 40 million gateways. 

Faster security: much shorter times between new threat detection and preventative actions thanks to AI.

Can distinguish the normal behavior of 50,000 device types and configurations, with at least 1,000 new signatures added every month.

Router-based Protection as a Business Opportunity

Thanks to Sentry, leading network operators already offer cybersecurity on the router to fill a rapidly growing niche in the market: protecting IoT and other vulnerable devices on end-user networks.

You can take advantage of the most effective router-based cybersecurity on the market and offer it as a core service to help end-users protect their devices, data, homes and businesses from digital attacks.

Sentry enables quick adoption in your user base without the friction inherent in traditional security solutions. Reach out to us today to find out how it can give you 100% coverage of your user-base at the cost of a limited adoption of endpoint protection solutions.

How Sentry Works

Security at the Edge as an Operational Necessity

Internet service providers cannot ignore malicious activity on their networks. Service disruptions, customer satisfaction and operational stability are on the line when millions of vulnerable and outdated devices are being targeted by malicious actors on every provider’s network. 

Using comprehensive and easily scalable cybersecurity solutions is a core operational necessity that allows network service providers to monitor, quantify and react to security threats across all networks without letting most threats to slip through. 

To process these massive amounts of data, Sentry uses machine learning algorithms, which not only create secure environments for end-users and provide valuable insights to network operators, but also protect against novel (zero-day) attacks.

What Risks Network Operators Mitigate with Sentry

Malicious Websites

Earn more customer trust by securing their browsing. Use Sentry to identify, block and alert end-users about attempts to access malicious content, such as malware, command and control servers, cryptocurrency mining software or botnets. Sentry does not examine any PII.

Traffic from Disreputable IP Addresses

Gain more operational stability and prevent emerging threats by automatically blocking traffic from compromised destinations. Use Sentry’s AI to protect users and their devices from attacks even when the particular type of attack is not yet known.

Phishing Attempts

Protect users against phishing, spear phishing, social engineering and drive-by attacks. Sentry leverages known phishing intelligence combined with AI machine learning to provide real-time, adaptive anti-phishing capabilities. 

DoS/DDoS Attacks

Reduce network loads and reputation risk by preventing devices from being used as DDoS traffic sources. These attacks send out huge amounts of traffic to third-party sites and services and might severely disrupt your services, while slowing down the connection for the end-user.

Malicious Remote Access Attempts

Protect users from third parties gaining unauthorized access to their devices to take control of their networks or steal private data.

IoT and Abandoned Devices

Protect all devices within the end-users’ premises. This includes IoT devices, which often have no antivirus solutions, lack basic security and don’t always update themselves automatically. Sentry lets you quarantine unwanted behavior, not the device.

Why You Can Trust Sentry to Protect Your Customers

Industry-leading Device Behavioral Analysis

Sentry has been trained on a vast set of real-world data, leading to the high precision understanding of normal and abnormal communication patterns of IoT and any other connected devices. This allows it to spot deviations and alert or block malicious activity, including rogue data access attempts.

Whole Network AI Analysis

Give your clients the most robust prevention of DoS and DDoS attacks with Sentry’s real-time device and network traffic monitoring, which automatically blocks excess traffic to any end-point on the network.

Augmenting Security Feeds

Thanks to the powerful combination of extensive open source and commercial threat intelligence feeds in the CUJO AI Engine, Sentry can detect both known and emerging malicious content sources. It combines the best practices of the reactive antivirus approach with proactive, real-time and AI-driven cybersecurity.

Visibility Outside the NAT

Gain a granular view inside home networks beyond the NAT – see which devices are sending traffic to compliment any core network-based security on your network.

No Reliance on DNS

Sentry does not use DNS information. This is important, as a number of popular browsers are starting to encrypt DNS, preventing access to legacy third-party security solutions.

Privacy at the Core of Sentry

Sentry does not inspect end-user content and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements for data privacy.

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