Future-proof device identities for core services

Robust device context for network optimization and data analysis

Stand-alone solution with proven scalability and easy integration

Next-generation Device Intelligence

CUJO AI Explorer is a stand-alone machine learning device intelligence solution for network service providers that provides valuable device context in addition to reliable device identities.

Unaffected by hostname changes or MAC address randomization.

Privacy-respecting solution.

Uses dozens of data points to identify device models.

Can identify well over 50,000 device models and learns to detect around 1,000 new models every month.

Already used to identify over 1.7 billion connected devices – the largest real-life dataset of its kind in the world.

Provides robust device context (e.g., 4k streaming capability) for home network optimization and data analysis.

Device Intelligence as a Service

With CUJO AI Explorer, network service providers can offer better connected experiences for every customer inside the home .

Machine Learning Solves Device Obfuscation

The machine learning algorithms behind Explorer rapidly analyze a device’s connectivity to identify its type, vendor and key device capabilities without using privacy-invading methods. Thanks to this approach, the technologies that increase consumer privacy (e.g., MAC address randomization) do not impact the NSP’s ability to provide core services.

CUJO AI uses the largest real-life deployments in the world to train and continuously improve its device intelligence algorithms. Explorer is currently able to identify and provide device context for over 50,000 device models and learns to detect around 1,000 new devices every month.

Identify Devices with the Highest Precision

CUJO AI’s patented Device Intelligence solution does not rely on MAC addresses to identify devices. Instead, our algorithms analyze over a dozen metadata points to identify device types, manufacturers, hardware capabilities, OS and firmware versions with over 95% accuracy. Explorer is the perfect answer to network operator issues caused by random MAC addresses and other device obfuscation techniques.

Explorer in Action

How Device Context Can Help You Transform the Connected Experience

Explorer identifies devices and provides essential device context about their hardware capabilities and applications. Knowing which devices are used for 4k streaming, need 5GHz connectivity or more bandwidth allows network service providers to optimize connectivity for background devices and improve band steering performance for mobile devices. Customer care agents and technicians can greatly improve customer satisfaction and call times with home network device data, while business analysts are empowered to make better data-driven decisions.

Integrate Device IDs into Any Existing System

Transform Customer Care

Gain New Market Insights

Develop Data-driven Products

Reduce Customer Churn

Enhance Existing Business Systems


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Device Context

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