Operators utilize Compass capabilities to offer their end users device management, parental controls and content filtering services. Using AI to categorize network traffic, it provides detailed visibility of online habits and can enforce limits on time online, app usage, and access to content.

Why Compass?

Protect your family, protect your business.

Know what your children or employees are doing online.

Create space in your family life away from devices.

Understand what connects to your network and what it does online.

Not affected by move to encrypted DNS.

Customers receive alerts when a new device joins the network.

Today’s Content Control Solutions Are Fragmented and Complex to Manage

Users’ digital experiences have become complex, with an increasing number of personal and connected devices. The ability to monitor and control those devices—especially the ones owned by the youngest—is becoming a central part of the online experience. Users today are required to install and maintain endpoint software on a variety of devices in order to ensure the health of their digital experiences, which is complex and technical. The ability to manage all of these connections and experiences from a single point is critical to ensuring the long-term health of consumers’ digital lives.

Single, Easy Interface

CUJO AI Compass enables network operators to create Digital Life Protection services with the tools users need to monitor and control their online experiences. Compass allows the easy identification, assignment and control of individual devices across the entire customer network, providing context and understanding for content controls.

Profiles containing users and their devices ensure easy application of rules and policies for non-technical users. Usage monitoring, content controls and time-of-day restrictions place online activities in context with end users’ overall lives. The user benefits of Compass allow them to make the most out of their connected home or business and ensure that the network operator is delivering significant value within the broadband service.

Compass Features

User Profiles

Users can group devices together into profiles corresponding to a specific person. Features can then be applied to devices or profiles for more intuitive management.

Device and Profile Pausing

Devices or profiles can have their network access temporarily disabled.

Usage Statistics

Compass tracks all device activity across the entire network and is able to present usage statistics together with data on attempted access to restricted content.


Flexible rules can be used to create a schedule for devices to access the network by time of day and day of week. Users can also define whitelist content that can always be accessed, overriding the schedule.

Time Limits

Compass allows the user to create time limits for specific devices or profiles across categories of content or applications. Users can also define whitelist content that can be accessed, even when time limits have been exceeded.

Website, App and Content Category Blocking

Compass allows users to configure content blocking for individual websites, categories of content or specific apps. These controls can be applied to devices or profiles. Compass enforces access to content through both app and browser, and whitelist content can be defined to override the category-based controls.

Compass Use Cases

Compass provides a suite of easy-to-use digital parenting tools leveraging AI-powered device identification and the ability to combine devices into profiles and groups.

Business and Family Monitoring

Provide detailed usage reporting for devices, groups and profiles, allowing families and businesses to gain insight into how online activities are conducted.

Parental Control and Content Blocking

Automatically block online content for devices, profiles or groups. Categories of content or individual websites and apps can be controlled as specified by the end user or network operator. Combinations of content types and device types allow for flexible control of usage across all device types.

Time-of-Day and Usage Restrictions

Limit online activities to specified amounts of time each day or during configured windows of time. Individual devices, profiles or groups can be turned on and off in order to create accountability and ensure healthy online usage.

Applications Management

Limit access to applications such as social media, gaming and video or music streaming by category to specific times of the day or for total cumulative daily amounts of time.

Public Access Wi-Fi Content Filtering

Reduce liability for public access networks by filtering access to questionable content. Limiting use of select applications may allow for a more equitable split of bandwidth among users.

Increase Employee Productivity

Limit time to distracting Internet sites and free up employee time and network bandwidth, allowing other applications to work better.

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