Technology Partners

Our partners are leading endpoint security and threat intelligence companies. Combined, we deliver a multi-layered solution that elevates the end-user experience.

Endpoint Security with CYLANCE

Leaders of AI-driven proactive security that prevent advanced threats for more than 14.5 million endpoints.

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Antivirus with Avira

Antivirus and other security solutions provider that protects the end-users directly and through OEM partnerships.

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Improving WiFi Coverage with AirTies

The most widely deployed in-home WiFi solution for service providers that offers smart Wifi software, apps, and cloud-based performance optimization platform for 25M homes.

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Combining the Strengths

“The Cylance partnership with CUJO AI allows us to combine the best AI-driven algorithms in endpoint protection and network security to proactively detect and prevent cyber attacks on an unprecedented scale.”

Christopher Bray
SVP and General manager for Cylance Consumer

“Our combined efforts will make it easier for operators to deploy gateway software and cloud-based management that will enable operators to proactively enhance and protect their subscribers’ home networks.”

Philippe Alcaras
CEO for Airties

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