Lens is designed for network operators to surface unprecedented insights applicable to marketing, business performance, operations and product development through an intuitive dashboard. This promotes exploration and understanding through visualization, correlation and analysis of data related to connected devices, applications usage, content access, security threats and privacy challenges.

Why Lens?

Access complex information at large scale intuitively and clearly.

Correlate diverse dimensions for powerful answers across operations, business, marketing and customer service.

Access unprecedented information about the way consumers and businesses use their networks.

Uses aggregated anonymized data to comply with local privacy laws.

How do network operators access user network insight data?

Accessing information on how consumers and businesses utilize their networks and broadband Internet access has been extremely difficult for operators. No solution until now has been able to provide a granular, dynamic and accurate view of what happens past the service gateway, into the local network.

Intuitive Dashboard

CUJO AI Lens provides an intuitive way to interact with the wealth of data unlocked by the CUJO AI Platform. Leveraging machine learning processes and using highly customizable dashboards, teams can gain aggregate insights into behavior, usage and trends associated with consumer and business data networks.

Lens Features

Device Profiling and Intelligence

Provides connected devices inventory and classification, segmentation and distribution

Content and Applications Classification

Provides applications, protocol and audio/video streaming inventory and utilization analysis

Security Threat Detection and Monitoring

Provides status of antivirus software over your base. Understand security threats detection, logging and analysis

Tracks Advertising Data

Provides ad-tracker detection, logging and analysis

Intuitive Interface

Data can be viewed via a web interface, allowing business users instant access to information in an intuitive way

Easily Customizable

Business users can create their own dashboards with correlated data that can be tracked over time

Lens Use Cases

Network Operations

Gain key insight into network usage, anticipating areas of structural investment, e.g., number of active security threats in the last 24 hours or number and size of media streams in the last hour.

Product Management

Perform trend analysis on categories of devices, their capabilities and content services used by observing real-time, first-party data, e.g., most popular streaming sites and CDNs.


Build campaigns based on observed data and trends, e.g., number and types of computers, IoT and mobile devices connected, ensuring relevance of offers to consumer need.

How Lens Works

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