Improve the Security of
Your End-users

Rapidly prevent new threats to users behind legacy CPE or their own retail routers.

Make DNS Updates
Fast and Easy

Deploy signature updates in near real-time, without any maintenance required on your end.

Use the Highest Quality Threat Data For Network Operators

Get unmatched threat intelligence directly from CUJO AI Labs.

What Is CUJO AI Lite

CUJO AI Lite is a DNS service for network service providers that improves the maintenance of DNS infrastructure and delivers malicious signature updates in near real-time. Thanks to CUJO AI Lite, service providers can enhance the security of their mobile customers, as well as end-users running legacy customer-premises equipment (CPE) or their own retail routers.

CUJO AI Lite uses the highest quality threat intelligence datasets from CUJO AI Labs, which monitor malicious activities and web traffic at an unmatched scale, covering over 1 billion devices and 40 million home networks.

CUJO AI Lite in Action

Why Network Operators Use CUJO AI Lite

Network service providers value CUJO AI Lite for its fully standards-based and constantly updated plug-and-go solution that delivers rapid malicious domain updates to the network provider’s DNS server. It not only improves malicious domain signature updates and DNS management for network operators, but also helps them protect end-users behind their own retail routers or legacy CPE.

Unlike other DNS-based security solutions, CUJO AI Lite integrates into the network operator’s environment with minimum effort (i.e., no signature translation or scripts) and already improves our existing clients’ threat intelligence update times by upwards of 90%.

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A Better Solution for Threat Intelligence and DNS Block List Management

Faster Security Updates

Provides network operators with the latest threat intelligence updates in near real-time. Fast block list updates are key for protecting end-users, as they reduce the time between when a new threat is discovered and when it is blocked.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

CUJO AI Lite uses the standard DNS protocol to provide zone updates without additional overhead required at the network operator’s end. CUJO AI Lite can be deployed with any DNS solution.

High-quality Data

CUJO AI Labs greatly enhance the quality of the threat intelligence data by combining curated security data feeds with unique discoveries made by our machine learning models, which monitor over 1 billion consumers devices around the world.

Saves Time and Resources

Major network operators improve DNS zone update speeds by up to 90% and are able to retire legacy integrations, reducing maintenance costs and freeing up valuable resources.


CUJO AI Lite Whitepaper

Learn how CUJO AI Lite delivers improved security updates.

CUJO AI Sentry

Learn how CUJO AI Sentry protects millions of end-users with multi-level cybersecurity.

Higher Quality Threat Intelligence

Our algorithms monitor over 1 billion devices on over 40 million home networks around the world and are trained to detect and block novel threats targeting broadband consumers, such as phishing, spam or malware distribution websites. The speed of our DNS signature updates helps our algorithms protect millions of households from novel threats.

Update Your DNS Block List Quickly

CUJO AI Lite has proven to be an order of magnitude faster than flat-file solutions for the largest network operators. Our clients save around 90% of the time they had previously spent on DNS management, while getting rid of legacy translation scripts in their codebase.

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