CUJO AI Lite: DNS Security Updates for Network Operators


CUJO AI Lite is a DNS service for network service providers that improves the maintenance of DNS infrastructure and delivers malicious signature updates in near real-time. Thanks to CUJO AI Lite, service providers can enhance the security of their mobile customers, as well as end-users running legacy customer-premises equipment (CPE) or their own retail routers.  

CUJO AI Lite uses the highest quality threat intelligence datasets from CUJO AI Labs, which monitor malicious activities and web traffic at an unmatched scale, covering over 1 billion devices and 40 million home networks.

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  • Why the leading network service providers use CUJO AI Lite
  • How it improves malicious signature update times by 90%
  • How CUJO AI Labs can provide highest quality data to help network operators protect their end-users running legacy CPE or retail routers

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