Device Intelligence Report 2024: Making Wi-Fi 7 Rollouts Count


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To showcase how precise device identification can help network service providers evaluate and plan new CPE investments, this report looks into the growing adoption of Wi-Fi 7-capable devices, and the prevalence of legacy devices. Our simple approach exposes how an operator can gain a significant advantage and steer their investments towards customers that would feel the biggest positive impact from a costly new CPE, while avoiding issues caused by incompatible devices.

Knowing which customers to prioritize during a Wi-Fi 7 CPE rollout is a significant financial benefit, and device intelligence can provide the insights to make it less of jump in the deep end, and more of a precise, tactical data-driven decision.

For this report, CUJO AI Labs used device intelligence data from tens of millions of real-world home networks, which saw over 1.17 billion new devices connecting during the period between April 2023 – February 2024.

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