CUJO AI Sentry: Network Security and Device Protection


Back in 2019, Gartner predicted that by 2021 there would be 25 billion IoT devices connected to the internet. Based on CUJO AI lab data, connected users have 16-18 connected devices per household on average. Mobile phones and computers make up around 60% of all connected devices. Increasing IoT connectivity brings both new opportunities and security risks to homes and businesses worldwide.

Leading companies are seeking to offer unique and habit-forming solutions in smart home automation, driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a combination of hardware and AI, tech leaders are aiming to create value, control data, and offer marketing solutions derived from home automation.

The lack of IoT device security is a massive risk for home users, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for network operators. They already have broadband routers deployed across millions of homes and businesses and can provide the necessary security for their users.

The CUJO AI algorithms identify all user devices on the network, troubleshoot possible issues, block known threats, and inform the user about their protection status via an app.

This white paper explains how Network Operators can provide value to their customers by offering network security powered by machine learning.

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