The State of Connected Devices in North America 2020/21


The defining consumer connected device distribution, popularity and usage report based on CUJO AI Explorer data from more than 1 billion connected devices in North America, brought to you by CUJO AI Labs.

A New Way to See the Connected Device Ecosystem

Our report provides a holistic analysis of the connected device market in North America, its recent trends, areas of growth and challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data we provide encompasses 1 billion connected devices in the span of 15 months between January 2020 and April 2021.

A Panoramic View of the Internet of Things

Over 60 distinct device categories examined over 15 months to uncover real adoption rates, trends, and cybersecurity challenges. The precise nature of this data is what provides Network Service Providers a reliable device inventory solution. Download the full report to discover how our AI-empowered device intelligence algorithms gather this data without impacting end-user privacy for a better, safer internet.

1 Billion Devices Identified and Categorized

Peek into the results of advanced AI algorithms that provide precise device inventory for Network Service Providers (NSPs). View the real market shares of various device categories and how they fluctuate in popularity over time.

The Data. The Trends. The Impact.

Powered by precise device identity data over the span of 15 months, this report provides the first overview of its kind. Download it now to find out what types of devices are gaining popularity, discover trends, and see the impact a pandemic can have to the connected device ecosystem.

Unparalleled IoT Insights

Going beyond the most popular device types, our data covers dozens of IoT device categories and their trends. Covering topics from home security to gaming, as well as connected cars.


CUJO AI Labs is an advanced research department of CUJO AI that specializes in IoT threat research and NSP customer cybersecurity. Labs researchers use the largest scale real-world device behavior database of over 1 billion anonymized consumer devices to empower advanced machine learning technologies that protect tens of millions of households around the globe. Every year, CUJO AI Labs publish in-depth data-based reports, such as this one, on the IoT ecosystem and cybersecurity. 

Kimmo Kasslin, Head of CUJO AI Labs

Precise device intelligence is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to preventative cybersecurity: CUJO AI identifies a device and can wall it off from the rest of the network if it starts acting out of character, as it is a sign that the device is compromised by malware or malicious actors. Device intelligence also solves other challenges for network service providers, as they can create reliable device inventories and use this aggregated data for major decisions in network management or daily service provision, including dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Mobile Device Security In the Spotlight

Zoltán Balázs, Head of Vulnerability Research Lab at CUJO AI

Android phones and tablets are highly fragmented, as there are in total 7,027(!) different Android device models in active use in our userbase. As for iOS, this number is 56. Even with advanced device intelligence, network service providers might struggle to investigate the security risks in their mobile device population, as things are quite complicated when it comes to patching Android devices and determining the EoL of 7,000+ device models.

A Deep Dive into Connected Devices

Discover these and many more insights within the 2020/21 report on The State of Connected Devices in North America.

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