CUJO AI Explorer

Device Identity, Data Intelligence and Integration API for Network Service Providers

Gain unparalleled insights through granular device intelligence at the home network level.

Enrich your customer-facing apps with CUJO AI data via full API integration

Stay on top of trends in your userbase with precise device identity data

Empower data-driven business decisions and discover new opportunities

How Explorer Revolutionizes a Carrier Service

The largest network service providers use CUJO AI Explorer to:

Get AI-driven, privacy-respecting device intelligence and categorization for robust, future-proof network monitoring that is unaffected by hostname changes or MAC address randomization.

Detect real time threats, abandoned or rogue devices and integrate any existing security models to provide advanced real-time protection and prevent service disruptions due to botnet or coordinated DDoS activities.

Export and integrate data into a real-time data lake without compromising any PII, making network analysis fully compliant and easy to access for your specialists.

Increase product profitability by gaining an in-depth understanding of the types and quantities of content consumed by their customers.

Save operating costs with advanced device profiling down to the OS version and customer care enhancements.

Build tools and products that provide end-users with unrivaled network visibility to enhance their local network management.

Empower Services With Network Intelligence Data

Graph showing Explorer's data API integration

How Data from the CUJO AI Platform Could Help You

Use Explorer to fully integrate device intelligence and network usage data via API access – enable your marketing, product development and business planning teams to make informed data-driven decisions, such as new product offers or sales opportunities.

A few examples of tangible benefits our customers see:

  • Reduced customer service call time due to precise device and OS version detection.
  • 94% device identification in the first 24 hours down to the OS version and full randomized MAC device signature deduplication.
  • Uncovering niche device market opportunities for a top tier ISP in the US.

Identify Devices with the Highest Precision

CUJO AI’s patented Device Intelligence solution does not rely on MAC addresses to identify over 50,000 unique mobile and IoT devices. Instead, our algorithms analyze over a dozen metadata points to identify device types, manufacturers, OS and firmware versions with over 74% accuracy in the first 5 minutes. After the first 24 hours, this percentage increases to over 94%. Explorer is the perfect answer to network operator issues caused by random MAC addresses.

Explorer in Action

Improve Network Operator Services with Explorer

Increase Application Usage

Enrich mobile or web apps with CUJO AI data to simplify home network management for your customers. Inform them when and which devices connect to the network. Provide visibility over children’s or employees’ online activities and usage patterns, as well as detailed reports on potential digital security risks in their homes and businesses.


Transform Customer Care

Improve the customer experience by integrating a highly personalized network understanding into the customer care process. Provide self-care data to customers and diagnose their networks proactively to reduce call volumes. Reduce service desk loads by quickly concentrating resolution scripts on identified problem devices.


Gain New Market Insights

Use aggregated consumer behavior data to uncover trends and combine CUJO AI Explorer’s API access with existing data to generate data-driven campaigns.

Develop Data-driven Products

Get real-time, first-party observations to drive investment decisions and product development. Discover niche segments and new opportunities by understanding why and how end-users use your network.

Reduce Customer Churn

Feed CUJO AI data into existing analytics tools and build richer views of the business. Differentiate at-risk customers by observed usage patterns and implement outreach processes to reduce churn as well create upselling opportunities.

Enhance Existing Business Systems

Monitor and react to specific network activities in real time. Enhance existing systems with device identification, application, security and privacy data from CUJO AI Explorer.


Explorer Whitepaper

Learn how Explorer can deliver industry-leading device and network intelligence.

Access whitepaper about CUJO AI Explorer


MAC Randomization

Discover how Explorer will help you solve issues with MAC address randomization.

Access whitepaper about MAC randomization


Explorer at a Glance

Download a single-page paper for a quick introduction to Explorer.

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Explorer Features

Device Identity, OS Profiling and Intelligence

Provides granular connected device inventory, classification, segmentation and distribution. Sends alerts whenever a new device joins the network and identifies OS versions of 74% of devices in under 5 minutes (over 94% in 24 hours).

Content and Application Classification

Provides an inventory and usage analysis of applications, protocols and audio or video streaming. Shows you how end-users group devices on home networks.

Cybersecurity Threat Detection and Monitoring

In combination with Sentry, Explorer detects and prevents cybersecurity threats from malicious actors with the help of advanced AI algorithms. It also provides status reports about antivirus software in your customer base for security threat detection, logging and analysis.

Real Time API Data Access

Network operator systems can get granular real-time data via API calls, which allow them to integrate CUJO AI Platform data into all of their services.

Device Capabilities

Know exactly how many devices on your network are likely to consume high amounts of traffic – make data-driven decisions for dynamic network management, maintenance, and infrastructure upgrades.

Full Data Exporting

In addition to the API access, all data sets can be exported into a third-party data lake for offline analysis and blended with any other information the carrier has.

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