CUJO AI Explorer

Data Intelligence and Integration API

Provides complete, programmatic access to granular data via APIs to all the information collected and processed by the CUJO AI Platform

Explorer allows network operators to monitor and query all CUJO AI-generated data about connected devices, applications, content, threats and privacy for use in internal systems, workflow or customer-facing apps subject to local privacy laws.

Why Explorer?

Build tools and products based on the Explorer data feeds to both enrich customer-facing applications and enhance network management.

Security and privacy data highlight the real-time threats experienced in the network and can be integrated with existing security models to provide a higher level of protection for your network and for that of your customers.

Data can be used for real-time interrogation or exported to a carrier data lake, without PII.

Application data gives deeper understanding of the types and quantity of content consumed by devices on the network, guiding and reinforcing product development plans or highlighting operational needs.

Device identification information provides a detailed understanding of the status, capabilities, and context of individual device connections. This information can be used for customer dashboards, customer care enhancement, or pre-emptive troubleshooting.

Leveraging Data from the CUJO AI Platform

There is a wealth of information that CUJO AI’s Agent, Cloud and AI Engine gather and infer to power the suite of Digital Life Protection services. Not only could operations, marketing, product and business planning teams make use of this data, but current and new workflows inside the communications service provider could benefit from access to this information to give better real-time insight or enable automation.

API Access to Granular Data

CUJO AI Explorer provides APIs for granular, real-time access to this data for either use in a real-time application or export into a data lake for offline analysis. The APIs allow access to detailed information including device identification, application usage, security and privacy threat data all under the auspices of GDPR and local privacy laws.

Explorer Features

Device and OS Profiling and Intelligence

Provides granular connected devices inventory, classification, segmentation and distribution. Alerts when a new device joins the network.


Content and Applications Classification

Provides applications, protocol and audio/video streaming inventory and utilization analysis. Exposes end-user groupings of devices into profiles.


Security Threat Detection and Monitoring

Provides status of antivirus software over your base. Obtain security threats detection, logging and analysis.


Advertising Tracking Data

Provides ad tracker detection, logging and analysis.


Data Exporting

Data can be exported into a third-party data lake for offline analysis and blending with other carrier information.


Real Time API Access

Network operator systems can get granular real-time data via API calls.


Identify Devices With the Highest Precision

CUJO AI’s patented Device Intelligence solution does not rely on MAC addresses to identify over 50,000 unique mobile and IoT devices. Instead, our algorithms analyze over a dozen metadata points to identify device types, manufacturers, OS and firmware versions with over 74% accuracy in the first 5 minutes. After the first 24 hours, this percentage increases to over 92%. Explorer is the perfect answer to network operator issues caused by random MAC addresses.

Explorer Use Cases

User Apps Enrichment

Simplify the way people manage their home networks via mobile and web apps. Offer information about what and when devices are on the network. Offer visibility over children’s or employees’ online activities and usage patterns. Provide end users with a detailed inventory of potential digital security risks in their homes and businesses.


Improve customer experience through the integration of highly personalized network understanding into the customer care process. Concentrate resolution scripts on identified problem devices. Lower call volume through enriched self-care and proactive diagnosis of consumer networks.


Build campaigns targeting observed aggregated consumer behavior. Combine CUJO AI Explorer data with existing marketing information to generate data-driven campaigns. Automate outreach to existing at-risk customers based on observed usage, reducing churn and create upsell opportunity.


Use real-time, first-party observations to drive investment decisions. Extend the understanding of how the network is utilized by end users. Leverage granular security and privacy data to enhance existing security models.


Feed CUJO AI data into existing analytics tools and build richer views of the business.

Business System Enhancement

Monitor and react in real time to specific network activity provided by the CUJO AI Platform. Enhance existing systems with device identification, application, security and privacy data from CUJO AI Explorer.

How Explorer Works

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