CUJO AI Sentry

Network Security and Device Protection

A digital security service for consumers and businesses that protects all connected devices by using artificial intelligence applied to edge network traffic
Operators utilize Sentry to offer end users a complete security solution for all devices in the home and business, without the need for endpoint software. Sentry detects, alerts and blocks threats while respecting user privacy.

Why Sentry?

Protect users’ devices without them having to be IT experts.

Prevent unauthorized access to devices and data.

No software needed on the end devices.

Protects all devices on the network

New threats are automatically detected with the use of AI and acted upon in a much shorter time than previously possible

Proactive protection based on normal device behavior

End-users’ devices and data need protection

Homes and businesses are more connected but less protected than ever before. Connected device software, especially on smart home IoT devices, is often insecure, providing opportunity for bad actors to target, control and exploit devices inside of home and business premises. The type and number of attacks grow every day, with few tools available for users to protect themselves. This leaves them worried about how they can protect their devices, data, and home and business from digital attacks. It also causes support calls and costs for operators.

Digital Security For All Connected Devices

Sentry is used by network operators to create a comprehensive and scalable security service that protects all the devices within a customer’s premises. This can be charged for or used as a differentiated service. Sentry monitors, quantifies and reacts to security threats across the entire customer network and all device types. Machine learning is key to processing the vast quantity of real-time data in order to get insights and create a secure environment, protecting against brand new (zero-day) attacks.

Sentry Features

Device Behavioral Analysis

Sentry has been trained on a vast set of real-world data, leading to the high precision understanding of normal and abnormal communication patterns of IoT and connected devices. This allows it to spot deviations and alert or block malicious activity, including rogue data access.


Augmenting Security Feeds

Combining a variety of open source and commercial intelligence feeds into the CUJO AI Engine, Sentry can understand both known bad content sources as well as detect, in real time, new malicious content sources.


Whole Network AI Analysis

Sentry’s real-time understanding of both device and network traffic, matched to known and developing attack patterns, allows for robust prevention of DoS and DDoS attacks.

No Reliance on DNS

Sentry does not use DNS information. This is important, as a number of popular browsers are starting to encrypt DNS, preventing access to legacy third-party security solutions.


Sentry Use Cases

Secure Browsing

Protect users browsing the Internet as Sentry identifies, blocks and alerts on attempts to access malicious content including malware, command and control servers, cryptocurrency mining software and botnets.

IP Reputation

Block traffic from compromised destinations. Using AI, Sentry protects users and their devices even when the type of attack is not yet known, leading to a safer and more secure environment.

Phishing Protection

Protect against phishing, spear phishing, social engineering and drive-by attacks. Sentry leverages known phishing intelligence combined with AI machine learning that is key to its real-time, adaptive capabilities.

DoS/DDoS Protection

Protect devices from being used as DDoS sources, which would then send out huge amounts of traffic to third-party sites and services. For a user, this would make their Internet run very slow, and for an operator, it could lower their peering reputation.

Remote Access Protection

Protect users from third parties gaining unauthorized access to their devices to either take control of them or steal private data.

All Device Protection

Protect all the devices within a home or business premises. This includes new IoT devices, which often lack security and don’t always update themselves automatically.

How Sentry Works

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