Cybersecurity Report 2023: Consumer Devices Under Threat


This annual cybersecurity report dives into real-world data from CUJO AI Sentry to reveal which device types and brands face the most online threats. In this report, we present:

  • Recent trends and developments in consumer cybersecurity: the growth of adware, IoT security issues, and the massive scale of online phishing.
  • The 25 brands of devices that are affected by over 70% of online threats.
  • The 5 types of devices that are disproportionately – tens or hundreds of times more often, on average – targeted by attackers.
  • The brands and models that attract the vast majority (over 90% in some cases) of threats in an entire device category.
  • A review of the types of web reputation threats impacting attended device (smartphone and laptop or desktop computer) users, including phishing, adware, and Web3 scams.

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Samples from the report:

Some facts from the report:

  • Over 67% of home networks are exposed to at least one online threat every month.
  • Every month, end-users in around 56% of home networks attempt to open at least a single phishing link.
  • Network-attached storage devices are targeted by hundreds of times more threats than an average device.
  • IP cameras and DVR devices are attacked dozens of times more often than most device types.
  • Seagate, Speco Technologies, QNAP, Hikvision, and Bobcat devices are some of the most attacked brands, on average.
  • Hikvision devices are affected by over 20% of all threats.
  • While Apple devices are affected by 6% of all threats, the large population of these devices makes it one of the safest brands.
  • Over 93% of threats to smartphones are related to web reputation: phishing, malware distribution, and spam sites.

Sentry, the largest and most advanced cybersecurity solution of its type, allows network service providers to protect the home networks and devices of their end-users, including unattended devices that would otherwise be completely exposed to online threats. Sentry stops over 8,000 threats every minute, ranging from IP reputation, web reputation threats, to denial-of-service (DoS) participation, and phishing attempts. In the 6 months between May 1 and November 1, 2022, CUJO AI Sentry prevented over 2.1 billion threats.

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