The Device Landscape: Analysis of 1.7 billion Connected Consumer Devices in North America 2021-2022


The defining consumer connected device distribution, popularity and usage report based on CUJO AI Explorer data from more than 1.7 billion connected devices in North America, brought to you by CUJO AI Labs.

See the Connected Device Ecosystem

Our report provides a holistic analysis of the connected device market in North America, its recent trends, areas of growth and challenges. The data we provide encompasses more than 1.7 billion connected devices in the span of 12 months between April 2021 and April 2022. You can find other reports and articles about device trends on our device statistics portal.

A Panoramic View of the Internet of Things

We have examined over 60 distinct device categories to uncover real adoption rates, trends, and cybersecurity challenges. The precise nature of this data is what provides Network Service Providers a reliable device inventory solution. Download the full report to discover how our AI-empowered device intelligence algorithms gather this data without impacting end-user privacy for a better, safer internet.

The most popular connected devices in 2022: phones 41.27%, computers 17.51%, tablets 8.98%, watches 5.51%, game consoles 4.87%, smart TVs 4.24%, routers 3.93%, streaming video devices 3.49%, voice control devices 1.91%, printers 1.56%, cameras 1.2%, set top boxes 1.03%, niche devices 2.89%, other 1.61%
brand penetration and affinity in connected homes: Apple has the highest affinity and penetration, while Samsung, Amazon, Google, and LG have at least one device in over 40% of homes

The Most Popular Device Brands and Models

Discover the most popular brands and device models across dozens of categories with the help of CUJO AI Labs’ device intelligence algorithms. See which models and manufacturers are dominating in established categories, such as smartphones and game consoles, as well as niche devices from energy management to connected cars.

Over 1.7 Billion Devices Identified and Categorized

Peek into the results of advanced AI algorithms that provide precise device inventory for Network Service Providers (NSPs). View the real adoption trends of various device categories and how they fluctuate in popularity over time. We go beyond the most dominant categories to show you how smaller, niche devices contribute to shaping the online experience.

Helping Network Operators Thrive

This report is a snippet of the trove of insights that network operators can gain by deploying CUJO AI’s groundbreaking machine learning solutions. Knowing what devices consumers are connecting to the Internet is vital for network operators to provide a truly customer-centric online experience and prepare for the challenges of the future.


CUJO AI Labs is an advanced research department of CUJO AI that specializes in IoT threat research and NSP customer cybersecurity. Labs researchers use the largest scale real-world device behavior database of over 1.7 billion anonymized consumer devices to empower advanced machine learning technologies that protect tens of millions of households around the globe. Every year, CUJO AI Labs publish in-depth data-based reports, such as this one, on the IoT ecosystem and cybersecurity. 

Kimmo Kasslin, Head of CUJO AI Labs

Knowing what devices are operating on a network is essential for preventative cybersecurity. The device landscape is changing in tangible ways, as people use more and more connected devices. Some of those devices have certain risks to their users, which often fly under the radar of the average consumer. A great deal of engineering and ingenuity goes into the device intelligence solution behind CUJO AI Explorer.

In Partnership with Airties

Airties, the smart broadband solution provider has partnered with CUJO AI for this report by presenting key insights into the consumer Wi-Fi technology mix, as well as daily data consumption habits. These insights are key for forward-looking network operators to tackle tomorrow’s issues today.

Nicolas Fortineu, CMO of Airties

The dependency on home connectivity has accelerated over the past two years and shows no signs of slowing. As our usage habits evolve (even more streaming, VR/AR, online gaming) and more devices connect, our home networks become highly complex environments that require careful management.

Insights into Wi-Fi Technology

Despite being introduced back in 2008, devices of the Wi-Fi 4 technology standard still represent over 35% of all connected devices in North America, and there is a small percentage of even older legacy devices! More recent generation devices and soon the latest standard (Wi-Fi 7) will all have to connect to the same home network as legacy devices, despite having very different capabilities. Managing this complexity is one of the key challenges for service providers and requires a robust cloud-based mechanism to ensure all devices get their fair share of Wi-Fi airtime.

A Deep Dive into Connected Devices

Discover these and many more insights from the 2021/22 report on connected devices in North America, covering over 1.7 billion gadgets from smartphones to connected cars, lighting appliances and dozens of other categories.

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