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Discover the most significant device use and popularity trends across more than 2 billion devices. These aggregated and fully anonymous device statistics are provided by machine learning device intelligence algorithms created by CUJO AI Labs. Device identification is a part of the multi-layer security service CUJO AI provides to network service operators.

Annual Trend Reports


Spanning 17 months and over 1 billion devices, this report offers extensive coverage of device use during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Based on 1.7 billion devices, this report covers the most significant trends across dozens of device categories.


The latest device intelligence report is based on 2 billion devices and covers the evolving expectations for connected experiences.

Device Insights

Gaming Consoles

Is PlayStation actually more popular than Xbox? What if we told you that neither was more popular than the Nintendo Switch? To find out more about the real state of the ‘console wars’, read our analysis of the gaming console ecosystem.

Gaming platform popularity 2022

The Internet of Things

Dozens of distinct device categories, tens of thousands of unique models and brands. Sometimes, it might seem hard to wrap your head around the IoT landscape. We’re here to help – read our latest list of the 15 most popular IoT devices.

Popular IoT devices

Key Trends

Every year, we release key insights about growing connected device categories, device models and market niches. These early insights are the lynch pin for creating a future-proof telecommunications provider that is ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Energy management device popularity

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