Device Intelligence Report 2023


The rising use of privacy-enhancing technologies, while beneficial for users, is obfuscating devices and posing notable challenges for network service providers. While these providers can still identify and manage devices on their networks using existing techniques, they face difficulties in achieving direct engagement with consumers and optimizing their services.

Despite being able to maintain operations and identify maintenance needs, their capabilities are limited in terms of automation, enhancement, and optimization. Therefore, there is a pressing need for sophisticated, reliable, and innovative methods of device identification that can facilitate better consumer engagement and improve performance.

By addressing the complexities introduced by privacy-enhancing technologies, such as hidden hostnames, randomized MAC addresses, reduced user agents, Private Relay and VPN use, and other obfuscation techniques, CUJO AI Explorer empowers the telecommunications industry with a robust framework for device identification. This comprehensive solution not only maintains user privacy but also ensures seamless network operations, allowing service providers to deliver a high-quality experience to their customers.

This comprehensive report spans the period from April 1 2022 to April 1 2023 and is based on device identification data gathered by CUJO AI Explorer. Brought to you by CUJO AI Labs, this third annual report showcases the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the telecommunications industry. The report offers extensive data about device popularity and notable brands, enabling network service providers to leverage device intelligence data from their networks for unparalleled insights and informed decision-making.

Sample data charts from the report:

bar chart shows how many homes connected a new device from popular brands: 78% Apple, 52% Samsung, 33% Amazon, 28% Google, 19% Sony, 17% Nintendo, 15% LG, 14% Microsoft, 12% HP, 11% ROKU
line chart shows the monthly new kitchen appliances connected by brand. Samsung took the leadership position from GE in 2022-2023
bar chart shows the fastest growing IoT categories in 2023: Kitchen appliances up 95%, baby monitors up 50%, pet devices up 44%, energy management devices up 36%, cars up 32%, e-readers up 28%, smart home automation up 27%, cameras up 21%

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