On The Move – Mobile Device Protection Outside the Home Network


CUJO AI On The Move is a versatile SDK that enables unified Digital Life Protection for end users outside of their home network. It offers the same level of protection regardless of where the end users are, making public Wi-Fi or cellular 4G/5G connections as safe as the users’ own home networks.

Mobile devices – smart phones and tablets – are always moving and connecting to networks with varying security policies. On a given day, a device can leave the CUJO AI-enabled home and connect to several public Wi-Fi and mobile networks, an enterprise network at work or a gateway at a friend’s house. These networks can be outdated, unsecured or badly managed by their owners. As end users and their mobile devices move around, unprotected networks create opportunities for cyberattacks, malware and phishing attempts.

On home networks, these issues can be solved reliably with CUJO AI – the global leader in providing gateway security solutions for broadband operators and their subscribers. With over 1 billion devices protected in 40 million households, our AI algorithms stop thousands of threats every second as well as provide content controls and device intelligence for network operators and their end users.

Network operators are now able to solve the majority of mobile device security issues by offering to extend CUJO AI services outside the home, effectively providing a seamless, unified and safe connected experience to their end users.

With On The Move, network service providers can:

  • Extend end-user protection outside of their home network
  • Create a unified experience for the end user, regardless of location and connection type
  • Strengthen their brand differentiation by offering a valuable and unique security solution that protects both home and mobile devices
  • Gain more positive engagement with their native app
  • Seamlessly offer a full VPN experience to your end users through their app
  • Appeal to both iOS and Android OS users

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