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Cybersecurity researchers also warn about home devices that are most at risk of being hacked.

Los Angeles, CA (January 31, 2023) – CUJO AI, the global leader of cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), today released its annual report, “Cybersecurity Report 2023: Consumer Devices Under Threat“.

Based on anonymized threat data from 1.8 billion connected devices, this report is the largest overview of real-world home network threat data. This year, the report focuses on device types and models that are outliers in the number of threats they face.

Key findings include:

  • Cybercriminals prey on data storage, IP cameras, baby monitors, and DVRs. Unattended device security depends on device configurations and the time users spend finetuning the security of their devices. Certain device types or brands face more threats due to their popularity, accessibility, or known vulnerabilities that are easier to leverage for criminal gain. CUJO AI researchers reveal that attackers cherry-pick their targets based on specific device types and brands. For instance, 98% of all baby monitor hacks happen on the devices of a single vendor.
  • Botnets still dominate the home IoT attack scene. The number of end-of-life, unsupported devices is growing, creating more risk to home networks. The growth of vulnerable IoT devices feeds into the prevalence of botnets and DDoS attacks.
  • Phishing hits every other home network. CUJO AI reports that 56% of Internet users try to open at least one phishing link every month. This is extremely worrying since phishing attacks can affect personal data, finances, business, and infrastructure security. In October alone, CUJO AI successfully blocked 66,801,679 phishing attempts.
  • Adware spikes during the weekends. CUJO AI researchers have seen major spikes in adware activity, especially on the weekends (up to 400%), when people spend more time online.
  • The average number of blocked threats grew exponentially to 8,000 threats per minute. CUJO AI data shows that over 67% of home networks are targeted by at least a single online threat every month with social engineering, fraud, and phishing websites being the most common.
  • Web3 vulnerabilities hog the limelight. At least 0.5% of new, previously unknown phishing threats were related to Web3 scams. While the numbers still seem low, CUJO AI researchers warn the quantity will grow, drawing on the number of Web3 scam websites discovered daily.

“Cybercriminals are finding new ways to victimize home users,” says Leonardas Marozas, Head of the CUJO AI Security Research Lab. “These attacks are evolving, and it is only natural that many people struggle to find the tools to protect their devices, data, homes and businesses from digital threats – protecting smart equipment can be extremely difficult for the average user.”

Carriers prioritize consumer network security

The dynamics of home network security puts a strain on network service providers due to growing demand for reliable connectivity. As customer expectations surge, fierce competition pushes network operators to move from traditional commodity services to value-added services.

Thanks to “Wifi Sicuro”, the new feature developed by CUJO AI included in the Sky Wifi subscription and activated through the app, Sky’s ultrabroadband service now offers even more advanced protection against web threats. “Wifi Sicuro” prevents access to malicious sites and potentially harmful content for all connected devices, reducing the risks associated with malware, viruses, phishing, and computer intrusions.

“CUJO AI’s highly scalable home network and device security solutions are proven throughout the industry and have become the standard for leading service providers,” said Massimo Bertolotti, Communications & Infrastructure Senior Director, Sky Italia. “Our partnership is a core pillar of our goal to deliver the best customer experience to our broadband subscribers providing the best-in-class home network security.”

Value-added services are less standardized across different carriers, making their VAS a major differentiating factor for their customers and providing unique opportunities to improve customer experience.

About Sky

Sky Italia is a media & entertainment company founded in 2003. It is part of the Sky Group, one of the leading entertainment groups in Europe, which is controlled by Comcast Corporation, an international media & technology company. Sky has changed the viewing habits of millions of Italians and is a byword for innovation. The latest is Sky Glass, a next-generation smart TV that integrates Sky content, free-to-air channels, and streaming services in a single interface. The range of products and services is completed with Sky Q, which combines Sky content and that of the main apps; and NOW, the OTT offer that gives access to Sky content. In addition, Sky offers the Sky Wifi ultra-broadband service, the fastest fixed network in Italy according to Oookla®.


CUJO AI provides multi-layered cybersecurity for Internet Service Providers, which allows them to protect end-users’ devices and home networks. Major mobile and broadband providers partner with CUJO AI to offer their clients security as an added-value service. As the only platform deployed to monitor over 1.8 billion devices, CUJO AI offers the most advanced AI algorithms to help its clients uncover previously unavailable insights about devices on their networks. Data processed by these algorithms is in full compliance with all privacy regulations. CUJO AI provides AI-powered cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions to the largest broadband operators worldwide, including Comcast and Charter Communications.


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