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A few weeks ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF), in collaboration with GEP, published an insight report on adopting artificial intelligence (AI), which provides a set of guidelines to help the private sector procure AI solutions responsibly.

“These guidelines not only empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of AI solutions but also emphasize the importance of transparency, accountability, and human-centered design,” said Ivar Beljaars, the SVP of Sales at CUJO AI, who was among the industry experts who contributed to the report.

The full document is available on the WEF’s website. For more information about our membership, projects, and collaborations at the World Economic Forum, visit our WEF Membership page.

The Need for AI Procurement Guidelines

The demand for artificial intelligence solutions continues to grow, and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the significant value that AI can deliver at scale.

For some, AI is at the core of continued operations, as is the case where AI-driven device intelligence helps solve operational issues caused by MAC address randomization and other device obfuscation techniques in consumer telecommunications networks.

Enterprises need a framework that would help them align AI solutions with business goals, ethical standards, and regulatory requirements, as well as evaluate potential biases and impacts these solutions can have on privacy and security.

As the leading providers of AI-driven device intelligence and cybersecurity, we have in-depth experience in developing, deploying, and aligning AI solutions for one of the most demanding industries in the world. It is therefore very fortunate that we are able to share our insights and help other businesses through our active membership in the World Economic Forum.

A Result of Intense Collaboration

The guidebook was created in collaboration with multiple WEF community partners representing both buy and sell sides from various industries to address real-world business needs and challenges. The final report is a result of more than a year’s work, which included interviews and several workshops with more than 25 representatives from various industries as well as AI solution providers.

The framework offered in the document is designed to be flexible and applicable across various industries. It covers five key elements in AI procurement:

  • Business strategy
  • Commercial strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • Governance, risk and compliance
Chart shows ethics at the core of the AI procurement framework, surrounded by an inner ring of business strategy, commercial strategy, and data strategy, and an outer ring of sustainability, and governance, risk and compliance
Image from the World Economic Forum’s insight report Adopting AI Responsibly. (c) World Economic Forum 2023

You can download the full guidelines here.

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