Introducing CUJO AI On The Move

We have just released On The Move – the versatile SDK for mobile applications that extends CUJO AI services beyond the home network and protects mobile devices wherever they are.


Issues with MAC Address Randomization?

See how CUJO AI can help you deduplicate device records and improve device intelligence without relying on MAC addresses.

Use Holistic AI-driven Cybersecurity to Protect Your Subscribers

Stand out among the competition with highly relevant and reliable advanced network cybersecurity and other value-added Digital Life Protection solutions for your clients.




CUJO AI Shortlisted for the Private Company of the Year Award at Leading Lights 2021


CUJO AI Launches On The Move, Extends Digital Life Protection Outside the Home Network



CUJO AI Wins the Best Machine Learning Platform award at the AI Breakthrough Awards 2021


Reduce Operating Costs and Complexity

Implement cutting-edge device intelligence to improve issue detection and resolution as well as reduce Call-In-Rates (CIR) and average session times.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value by Exceeding Their Expectations

Increase customer engagement on your native app by offering holistic AI–powered cybersecurity and other value-added Digital Life Protection services to your subscribers at home, work and on the go.

Differentiate Through Innovative Services

Add Digital Life Protection benefits to your consumer broadband proposition and enable proactive, positive interactions with customers to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

CUJO AI is the global leader of cutting-edge cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions that enables network operators globally to improve the digital life protection of their customers in and outside the home.

By pioneering AI-powered cybersecurity and empowering a growing ecosystem of OEM partners, CUJO AI is at the forefront of supplying protection to billions of network service subscribers around the world. Mobile and fixed network operators use CUJO AI’s holistic capabilities to improve their customer value proposition, monetize their networks, and reduce operating complexity and costs.

40 million
premises covered
1 billion
devices monitored
threats blocked every minute

Award-winning Multi-layer Cybersecurity and Privacy Features to Improve the Digital Life Protection of Your Broadband Subscribers 

Attract security-conscious subscribers by creating safer environments with network-based, zero-touch AI-driven cybersecurity, privacy protection as well as content and application intelligence and controls.

CUJO AI offers the most widely deployed, effective, and scalable solutions for network operators.


Deliver award-winning zero-touch cybersecurity services to the mass market at every layer: enable network-based, DNS, endpoint, and IoT security as a value added service to your subscribers.
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Provide robust digital parenting solutions to responsible guardians. Give them visibility into their family’s usage patterns and improve their ability to prevent unwanted exposure to harmful content.

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Cater to two-thirds of your customers who desire more control over their privacy by offering them a cutting-edge AI service that blocks hidden tracking from happening without your customers’ consent.

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Pioneering Operational Intelligence for Service Providers

Network operators can finally gain unprecedented visibility and actionable insights about consumer connected devices, cybersecurity threats, applications and content usage, or privacy issues resulting from trackers.

Our customers use this information to understand potential issues, shape value propositions and product offers as well as improve NPS by reducing CIR, resolution times and enabling proactive, positive interactions with customers.


Integrate the CUJO AI cloud with your systems through a fully featured API layer. Gain access to data from every CUJO AI service, including Device Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Content, Application Intelligence, Privacy Protection and collect it for internal use or in customer-facing features.

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Augment, improve and optimize your network with real-time access to big data about how customers interact with your broadband service. Gain insights from data on user applications, behavior, device metrics, and security data records and visualize data through standard charts or send it to your analytics systems in bulk.
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Recognition and Awards

Winners at the AI Breakthrough Awards 2021

Winners at the Global InfoSec Awards 2021

Platinum Award Winners for the Best Network AI Innovation 2021

Winners of the Best Secured Network Initiative at BBWF 2020 Awards

Gold Winners in the Innovative Services category

Winners of the BIG INNOVATION 2020 Awards

Winners at the Global InfoSec Awards 2021

Platinum Award Winners for the Best Network AI Innovation 2021

Winners of the Best Secured Network Initiative at BBWF 2020 Awards

Gold Winners in the Innovative Services category

Winners of the BIG INNOVATION 2020 Awards

Most Innovative Security Strategy 2019


Do not miss the generational shift to AI-based digital protection of data networks as CUJO AI’s deep learning technology replaces invasive packet inspection and outdated DNS-based methods.
Rely on solutions that have a proven track record for empowering top tier network operators at scale, with each instance built to support tens of millions of gateways and billions of devices.
Earn more with a value-added service portfolio based on our fully AI-driven Digital Life Protection suite, which is engineered for the lowest operating costs.
Gain full visibility across your entire network through built in API and real-time database access for network analysis, predictive maintenance and data-driven product offerings.
Comply with any applicable privacy regulations for PII, including EU-GDPR and the CCPA. CUJO AI is a SOC 2 Type 2 audited and ISO-9001, ISO-27000 certified company.
CUJO AI is a member and contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators, the GSMA, and the RDK communities.

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