Cybersecurity Perceptions Survey 2021


In 2021, the Cybersecurity Perceptions Survey expanded into four countries to examine the predominant trends in the way consumers perceive online threats and security issues.

This report answers these questions:

  • What does the public think about cybersecurity?
  • What number of people have already been impacted by cybercrime?
  • What private information people value the most?
  • Who do they feel is responsible for security online?
  • What actions, if any, do they take to protect their home networks and personal devices?

The survey, conducted in the US, France, Germany, and Italy, also reveals key differences in the way people from these countries perceive and act on online threats.

See a sample of the survey below.

How People Use the Internet at Home

People in the US claim to use smart devices at home almost two times more than Europeans. Respondents in Italy report the lowest use of smart devices.

how many people use smart devices at home in the US, Germany, France, and Italy

Parenting in the digital age is a difficult task. A study by the Pew Research Center revealed that two-thirds of parents said their parental duties were harder due to smartphones and online access. Our data shows that a similar number of households in the surveyed countries (18%–21%) said they had children using the Internet, making parental controls a pressing question for a significant number of Internet users.

Children use the internet in 20 percent of homes in the US, Germany, France, and Italy

How Many People Would Switch to Another ISP If It Offered Better Security

Germans were the most willing to switch to another ISP if it offered a more secure package: over 62% said they would upgrade, and 16.1% indicated that they would be willing to pay more for the added security.

Percentage of people willing to switch their ISP for better security

Interested in more data from the Cybersecurity Perceptions Survey? Download the full report for more insights about how people from the US, Germany, France, and Italy see cybersecurity and privacy issues, and find out who they feel is responsible for preventing cybercrime and cyberattacks.

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