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Dive deeper into the risks, threats, and opportunities for internet service providers (ISPs) in the field of cybersecurity with CUJO AI, the leading AI-driven security solution for network service providers.

ISP Security Threats

The threat landscape is evolving and network service providers have to be prepared to face new challenges from evolving attack vectors. Our data shows that the scale of threats to consumer networks is massive and affects most end-users.

Telco Client and Home Network Security

Network service providers have the opportunity to embrace cybersecurity as a core pillar of their services. Home network security is essential to the health of the Internet as a whole.

What ISP subscribers do to improve security Around 35-54 percent of people use security software, and at least 7.8 percent use ISP security solutions.

Security Reports

CUJO AI Labs continuously release research, data, and consumer cybersecurity reports to bring awareness to the most pressing online security issues. Thanks to the deployment scale of our solutions, these reports are some of the most precise real-life consumer security data about the consumer telecommunications sector.

DNS Hijacking Brazil Routers with CSFR attacks

The 2022-2023 IoT Botnet Report: Vulnerabilities Targeted

by György Lupták

Most IoT devices have limited resources, Unix-like operating systems and inadequate cybersecurity measures, which makes them the primary target for botnets.

Device Cybersecurity Report 2022: Threats Stopped by CUJO AI

by CUJO AI Labs

This report dives into the data on 2.1 billion threats on consumer home networks in 2022: the types of threats consumers face, device types and manufacturers targeted.

Cybersecurity Perception Survey Report 2021


We surveyed 4,000 Internet users in the US, Germany, France, and Italy to examine the predominant trends in the way consumers perceive online threats and security issues.

ISP Security Solutions

CUJO AI enables network operators to offer value added services and product offerings, including robust multi-layer cybersecurity that expands the protective shield over all devices on the home network and beyond.

Lite – Rapid DNS-based Security for Network Service Providers

Protect end-users behind their own retail routers or legacy CPE. Get rapid threat intelligence and DNS signature updates tuned to counter with novel threats discovered by CUJO AI.
Machine learning security evasion competition 2020 results header

Sentry – AI-driven Protection for ISP Subscribers

Offer full end-user security as a service to your customers: protect every device on their networks with multi-layered advanced AI cybersecurity.
DNS Hijacking Brazil Routers with CSFR attacks

On The Move – Mobile Device Security Across All Networks

Extend CUJO AI Digital Life Protection services outside the home network for mobile devices. Give your end-users the same peace of mind and proactive security wherever they go online.

Security as a Service

CUJO AI improves ISP security with a suite of security-as-a-service products that offer proven, robust, and reliable AI-driven cybersecurity to their end-users.

Prevent New Threats in Real-time

CUJO AI uses machine learning algorithms to detect previously unknown fraudulent websites and enables network service providers to protect end-users from phishing threats. Already deployed on some of the largest ISP networks in the world and working with the largest real-world learning data set of its kind, Sentry has unmatched performance and is already blocking over 8,113 threats every minute.

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Trusted by the Largest Network Operators

CUJO AI has gained unmatched scale and a proven success record by providing services to the largest and most advanced network service providers, as well as dozens of smaller operators.

Recognition and Awards

Highly Commended for the Best IoT Security Solution at the SC Awards Europe 2022

Winners at the Global Infosec Awards 2022

Winners at the AI Breakthrough Awards 2021

Winners at the Global InfoSec Awards 2021

Platinum Award Winners for the Best Network AI Innovation 2021

Winners of the Best Secured Network Initiative at BBWF 2020 Awards

Winners at the Global InfoSec Awards 2021

Platinum Award Winners for the Best Network AI Innovation 2021

Winners of the Best Secured Network Initiative at BBWF 2020 Awards

Gold Winners in the Innovative Services category

Winners of the BIG INNOVATION 2020 Awards

Most Innovative Security Strategy 2019