Eufy Security Vulnerabilities: How Many Households Might Be Affected?

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As Eufy’s products are in the spotlight for poor security practices, we looked at our device intelligence data to find out how many consumers might be affected. Here are some facts that can help understand the impact that vulnerabilities like these can have.

Device Intelligence Data on Eufy

How Popular Are Eufy Cameras? 

Eufy is among the 15 most popular IP camera brands, and it makes up just under 0.8% of all IP cameras in use.

How Many Households Might Be Affected?

Our data shows that around 0.3% of all consumer homes have Eufy IP cameras and/or doorbells. That means that more than 1 in 334 households might exposed to security vulnerabilities from this vendor. If we count only those households that use IP cameras, Eufy cameras or doorbells are in 1.07% of them. Now, we cannot say how many households are directly affected by the latest issues, as some Eufy cameras can be set up differently (e.g., via HomeKit), which might make them unaffected by the latest issues.

Get the Full Picture

CUJO AI’s latest report covers real-world data about 1.7 billion devices on 50 million home networks.

Device Intelligence for Better Security

CUJO AI uses machine learning algorithms to identify and classify over 50,000 unique device models among our base of over 1.8 billion connected devices. Device identities are crucial for protecting the growing number and variety of IoT devices, as they enable us to prevent uncharacteristic behavior from unattended devices.

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For more data about device popularity and use in home networks, visit our device popularity data portal.

Transforming the Connected Experience

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