Unidentified devices

4 Issues with Unidentified Devices on the Network


Homes are full of connected devices, from laptops and cameras to tablets and cell phones. There is no easy, intelligent way for a home user to know what devices are connected to their LAN gateway. Home users are getting only complicated, hard to process information if they connect to a home router. Unidentified devices bring numerous problems.
Network Operators can solve all of them.

What are the key risks for unidentified devices?

Undefined device behavior. Each device has its own network behavior pattern, depending on their category and specific features. Fingerprinting all of them allows Network Operators create different behavioral pattern silos within a home network and precisely adapt security controls. This way, it’s possible to effectively address a threat landscape common to a specific set of devices.
‘Talkative’ vs. ‘Silent’ tech. Some devices are more active (talkative) than the others. PCs, laptops, and network attached storage (NAS) devices will be noisy, while light bulbs, smart thermostats, and other generic IoT gadgets aren’t expected to produce too much noise on a home LAN. When a device is not active, Network Operators and security services cannot identify and fingerprint them. Recognizing them is the first step towards quality protection.
New device categorization. New types of devices are manufactured and added to home networks every day. They must be categorized and recognized if the home user wants to get the full smart home experience as well as stay protected.
Device Intelligence is the Fundamental Foundation for Different Features. To provide services like Network Security, Parental controls, Anti-Piracy Monitoring, or Cyberbullying Alerts, it is critical for Network Operators to get granular device intelligence details for a customer’s LAN. If the identification is not precise, the services will be not delivered in their full capacity.
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