Enabling Turnkey Digital Life Protection Services for the RDK Community


By Andrea Peiro, President at CUJO AI 

Last week we announced joining the Reference Design Kit (RDK) Community. The RDK project represents the pinnacle of development for open source software used to power network devices. The “RDK-B”, or the “Broadband” version of the kit, is a thoughtfully developed environment that offers a highly standardized software stack with all the characteristics needed for telecommunication operators to rapidly and cost-effectively bring to market and manage broadband gateways.
The business model underpinning the delivery of broadband connectivity services evolves beyond speed upgrades and towards value-added services. RDK-B with the inclusion of its remote management capabilities and its cloud-driven firmware lifecycle management represents an ideal platform to deliver such incremental services.
Activity monitoring, security, content controls, and privacy are some of the most directly impactful and monetizable services that can be delivered to consumer home networks and small business. It represents a potential for up to $20/month ARPU lift on top of standard connectivity services in most markets.
With CUJO AI joining the RDK community and the full integration of our software services into the RDK-B stack, it is now possible for any operator utilizing this platform to readily and cost-effectively bring to market a full suite of digital life protection services across consumer and business markets, public access WiFi and unmanaged IoT networks.
Any network operator can bring the CUJO AI complete suite of digital life protection services to its customers extremely quickly and with minimal effort. Operators can combine the pre-integrated RDK-B firmware services and a full complement of supported chipsets and hardware platforms with a private cloud that can be deployed in a matter of hours, and easily integrate it with existing OSS/BSS operator infrastructures via standardized data interfaces.
The deep open source integration in RDK-B allows the CUJO AI cloud services platform – powered by machine learning models built on billions of real-world data points – to be available in its entirety with a single integration point and a single cloud connection.
The RDK partnership is bringing the strength of CUJO AI digital protection one big step closer to millions of homes and businesses, representing an incredible leap in our mission to simplify and protect the digital lives of all people.