CUJO AI Incognito

Privacy and Tracking Protection

An AI-powered solution that allows users to take back control of their private information by automatically blocking third-party tracking software that profiles them on the Internet

Operators utilize Incognito to ensure a private, safe and uncompromised browsing experience across all connected devices with no endpoint software needed – all blocking activity is performed on the operator’s managed broadband or network-deployed gateway.

Why Incognito?

Stop ad-tracking software

Works for all connected devices

Speed up page loads

No software needed on the end devices

Web and App Tracking Can Invade End-User Privacy

The most popular sites contain dozens of trackers and advertising networks, following consumers around as they use online services. Some of these trackers invade consumer privacy, gather significant amounts of confidential usage behavior, and often interrupt online activity. 

Block In The Network

CUJO AI Incognito protects the privacy of consumers by blocking third-party tracking software across all devices, browsers and apps.

Incognito frees the consumer from installing and maintaining software on their devices and works silently at the broadband or network-deployed gateway. Online experiences are safer, faster, and confidential usage behavior remains private.

Incognito Features

  Privacy Protection

Incognito detects and blocks activity trackers, advertising engines and third-party tracking scripts to provide a more private and safer app and browsing experience.


No Endpoint Software Needed

Incognito provides network-level protection at the broadband or network-deployed gateway, meaning no software is needed on individual devices.


  Works Across All Types of Browsing & Apps

Incognito works across all types of browsing, including SSL-encrypted content. Users will have a safer, faster browsing experience.


  Constantly Updating

Machine learning algorithms constantly monitor, process and react to new tracking and advertising sites in real time, ensuring a constantly up-to-date service.


Incognito allows end users to utilize the Internet without their digital footprint being used for advertising

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