We announce a CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators
In CES we announced a CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators

CUJO AI at CES: Two Great Achievements to Celebrate


We kicked off our time at CES with a win: GearBrain Editorial team awarded our hardware device as a Best IoT Security Integration. We also are very proud to announce our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for Network Operators.

CUJO AI - GearBrain's choice

CUJO AI – GearBrain’s choice

GearBrain Awards us for Best IoT Security Integration

CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall was noticed one more time. We got praise due to our capabilities and the new direction we are taking:
We like how Cujo is talking with internet service providers to deeply integrate its protection products into customer’s homes. New for this year is an alert system which notifies you when someone is trying to hack into your network, or even into your smartphone when you are away from home and connected to a different network.” – notes Alistair Charlton of Gearbrain in his article.

Ready to present CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators on CES

Ready to present CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators on CES

CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators

During CES, we also announced our Platform for Network Operators. It consists of Device Intelligence, Network Security, and Advanced Parental Controls services.
We are helping Network Operators support their customer’s privacy by placing all devices beyond the reach of hackers. Network Operators can enable full internet security protection for their home users without having to replace or introduce new hardware.
The Network Operator’s router in the home is strategically located at the interface between the home and the network. With CUJO AI, Operators have an opportunity to develop and launch AI-based solutions that leverage the computing power of the cloud and the low latency nature of the broadband network that integrates with the home router” explained Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.
We already partnered with Greenwave Systems and other Network Operators to provide security and intelligent management of all home devices to their customers.
Find out more about our services for Network Operators:
Device Intelligence

Network Security

Advanced Parental Controls

Find out more about our Platform and all new features, including CUJO AI for mobile here.