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The FIRST 2020 Virtual Challenge Competition was organized at the end of June as a virtual version of the annual CTF (Capture the Flag) held by FIRST. During the three-day-long competition, participants solved challenges in various categories such as network, cryptography, reverse engineering, programming etc.

Our team – Albert Zsigovits (Threat Researcher), Dorka Palotay (Senior Threat Researcher), Filip Savin (Senior Cybersecurity Engineer) and Zoltan Balazs (Head of Vulnerability Research Lab)– won first prize of the CTF, solving all 36 different challenges in various specific categories in the shortest time and with the best score among 273 participants.

We created a write-up about each of the challenges, explaining how we solved them and giving some hints on how to approach them.

The solutions are organized into five chapters based on these topics:

  1. Network challenges
  2. Reverse engineering and miscellaneous challenges
  3. Forensics challenges
  4. Crypto challenges
  5. ICS challenges


Here is a short summary of our general impression of the competition.

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