The 2022-2023 IoT Botnet Report


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CUJO AI Labs researchers analyzed over 6,471 malicious botnet binaries that are spreading in the wild and wrote up a report about which vulnerabilities are being targeted on consumer networks and devices.

Some key takeaways from the report:

  • 55 vulnerabilities are being targeted by botnet malware – twice as many as we’d seen in 2021.
  • We’ve discovered a total of 36 different sets of exploits (vs 20 in 2021).
  • More recent vulnerabilities are being targeted than in 2021 (38% vs 20%), but only by a few malware developers (6 out of 36 exploit sets target recently disclosed vulnerabilities).
  • 40% of malware binaries target two or more exploits, and Zerobot uses the largest (22) exploit set. In 2021, 83% of the binaries we’d analyzed used two exploits or more.
  • The oldest vulnerability targeted is from 2007 (CVE-2007-3010).

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