Cyber Attacks on the Rise in 2020

May 26, 2020

We have been watching closely how the malicious activity in CUJO AI-protected networks changed in relation to the COVID-19 situation.

Cyber Attacks in 2020 Target Unprotected Connections

Since March, the amount of threat actors trying to exploit vulnerabilities that emerged with the new work-from-home reality has increased significantly. Since many companies never had remote work policies, we created a remote work security checklist.

Attack Examples

More home offices mean more connections that are not entirely protected, and criminals know exactly how to find them – by scanning all ports and looking for security gaps.

Here’s how the number of cyber attacks grew in the past several weeks:

Cyber Attacks Rise Infographic 2020 Covid

Attackers are using several methods to put pressure on companies: ransomware, targeting IP, and social engineering to get personal information about employees or customers.

CUJO AI protects over 700 million devices across the globe, and we’ve blocked a significantly higher number of malicious remote access attempts. CUJO AI Sentry blocks port and vulnerability scanners, as well as brute force credential stuffing attacks on the network level.

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