CUJO AI Roundup for 2017: What a Year!


CUJO AI yearly roundup is here! The New Year is coming, so it’s time to sit for a minute and think over everything we’ve been through in 2017. We proved to be strong in quite a few exhibitions and competitions and launched new exciting features.

Year roundup: biggest breaches

2017 was quite intense regarding data breaches. Remember Equifax with private and financial data plain stolen and the communication disasters the clients faced? What about RNC voter data breach which uncovered information about almost every voter in the US? Oh, who can forget that creepy car-tracking event, when 10 million VINs were exposed, and that was oh-so-useful for car thieves?
Not to mention Kaspersky Lab story about Russian hackers “influencing”  the US election, which led to a massive scandal and as a result all Kaspersky Lab products were banned from the governmental institutions? Of course, there’s also that story about 560 million passwords and logins breached by a database, linked to some popular systems like Adobe, Dropbox, and Tumblr.
And there were many, many more which weren’t discussed so widely. Again, this year we’ve had so many situations that could have been avoided if only cybersecurity was paid more attention to.
Meanwhile, we worked really hard to ensure that home networks get safer. We got awarded for it and launched a couple of new features.

Winner: Best Home Security System, CEDIA 2017

CEDIA is a huge annual event in San Diego, CA, with more than 20,000 various home tech pros. It’s a huge deal to win something out there as the number of smart home-related products is increasing, and there’s so much to choose from.
Cujo AI made it! We became the winner of “Best Security System” award. And this is far from over.

Winner: Vodafone IoT challenge 2017

Vodafone is one of the most prominent telecommunication operators in Europe. Winning an award from them was more than great. The main goal of the challenge held in London was to present the best and most innovative solution to the threats and vulnerabilities that users of IoT devices find themselves in.  We faced 3 other competitors and had 3 serious attacks in the competition. We did it, and this is something we’re really proud of. But that’s not all!

Winner: Go Ignite Alliance (Deutsche Telekom, Singtel, Telefonica, Orange) – 2017

Go Ignite is an alliance of the world’s leading telcos, and it’s constantly searching for companies with huge potential in the fields of Connected Home, Consumer Experience Artificial Intelligence and IoT Cyber Security.
We were selected by Deutsche Telekom, Singtel, Telefónica and Orange as one of the five companies providing the best security solutions for the consumers is something we hoped but not quite expected for.
And these are just a couple of many achievements. This means not only a constant growth and improvement but also a never-ending search for unique and necessary features that our community needs.
Here are a few things we have added to our solution this year:

  • CUJO AI Platform for Network Operators. Device Intelligence, AI Security, Parental Controls and Piracy Monitoring based on behavioral analysis and machine learning.
  • CUJO Inspector gives an intelligent device protection in and out of the home.
  • Predator alert and Cyberbullying alert for parents, helping to protect children from various online threats.
  • CUJO for Mobile (LTE/4G). Now CUJO AI Platform services are available for mobile devices, on mobile networks.

These are just a few of our activities in 2017. We’re learning and growing rapidly, and with every day, our belief in what we do is getting stronger. With such passion and trust in what we’re doing, we’re sure to offer you even more next year. That’s our resolution 🙂
Let’s keep in touch, and we wish you a Happy New Year. Let it be at least as prosperous as 2017 was for CUJO AI.