Fighting Online Tracking: Endpoint vs. Broadband Blocking

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If you ask Internet users what actions they take against online tracking, many will answer that they use ad blockers. To be fair, it does filter out some of the advertising content, but ads are only the result of tracking. Ad blockers don’t block tracking software, just the outcome content.

This is the problem with protecting user privacy: Their data is traveling across browsers, apps and devices, which makes blocking on the endpoint inefficient. There are multiple endpoints for a single user, but traffic to these endpoints comes through the broadband gateway. That’s where blocking is efficient.

Broadband blocking happens in the background of the user experience – the automatically updating cloud-based router software protects the privacy of network users by blocking third-party tracking software across all devices, browsers and apps connected to that router.

Here we’ve visualized how the two methods against online tracking differ:

blocking tracking: endpoint vs broadband

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