Work From Home Report: the Threat Landscape in Networks Protected by CUJO AI


Home networks rarely benefit from enterprise-level security protocols even though millions of people work remotely every day. In 2020, a global pandemic forced many companies to rapidly shift towards fully remote work arrangements, thrusting home network security into the spotlight: malicious actors and cybersecurity experts alike saw the rising value in penetrating home networks.

As the number of people working from home increased in March 2020, CUJO AI Labs quickly detected a growing number of unauthorized Internet scanning and various remote attacks blocked in our protected networks. Back then, we published a short overview based on a substantial rise in Covid-19-related malicious activity we were seeing.

Our data shows that millions of new cyber attacks were executed every month in 2020. These attacks used brute force, port scanning and other techniques against home networks. This report covers the developing threat landscape throughout the year and provides recommendations for remote work security.

Read it now to learn about:

  • The rise in remote work-related malicious activities
  • Common threats and ways of dealing with them
  • Ways to secure remote operations

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