Privacy and Online Tracking Perceptions


Our recent privacy survey revealed what expectations and concerns US Internet users have toward privacy and online tracking. The report covers how respondents value their privacy compared to the perceived benefits of tracking, what countermeasures they know and apply, as well as who, in their opinion, should be responsible for protecting users’ online privacy.

A staggering number of respondents, 65.1%, think that Internet service providers are in the position to protect them from unwanted tracking. Furthermore, when asked about who they would contact in case their private data was compromised, nearly half of all respondents (43.2%) stated they would reach out to their Internet service provider.

Download the full privacy report and explore our other findings:

  • What approach is required for addressing the major privacy concerns?
  • What potential benefits of tracking are users aware of?
  • What practical interferences do users notice due to tracking?

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