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Dear All,
We are extremely sad to report that Markus Tarkiainen, a loving husband and father, our beloved highly respected colleague, and a personal friend passed away on Sunday unexpectedly due to a sudden illness in California.
Markus was involved in all facets of our platform architecture for the last two years. His focus was continued scaling of our cloud services, our APIs, and ISP integrations.
His last big project was Lens which is building a scalable data API platform and visual front end to all of our products and services. Markus’ passion for making the world a more secure and seamless place was evident in every aspect of his work with CUJO AI.
He was a very dedicated and diligent person who was also very personable and earned respect from everyone he worked with.
Markus was energetic, willing to help, and positive always – that’s how he will live in our memories forever.
We will miss you Markus – Rest in Peace.
The entire CUJO AI family

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