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Mountain View, California – (January 10th, 2019)CUJO AI, a nextgen artificial intelligence company providing network operators AI-driven solutions, contributed to the Annual Intelligence Industry Survey 2018 report of the Telecoms.com. More than 1,500 telecoms professionals have shared their views on the current status and the future opportunities of the telecoms industry.

A few key findings from the survey:
75% felt positive about the telecoms industry’s business outlook for 2019
79% believed NFV is critical to their companies overall strategy
61% believed emerging technologies and services are critical to telecom’s long-term success
75% saw digital transformation as very important
52% still use deep packet inspection (DPI) for cybersecurity

“We are privileged to contribute to the Telecoms.com 2018 survey report. The survey revealed that end-users and network operators still rely on legacy technology: 63% of network operators use DNS blacklisting for end-user protection. Also, 45% operators are not confident that they are ready to manage IoT security requirements for their customers. It’s crucial to use nextgen technology and start protecting users proactively,“ explained Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.

According to the survey, when asked which areas of AI applications in the respondents’ companies are the least developed, 41% of the respondents selected AI’s weak capability to predict customer demands. In comparison, only 26% of the respondents felt their AI application for network security is the least developed.
Different kinds of solutions have been deployed to defend against the attacks. However, businesses should recognize that as the attacking techniques constantly evolve, so should the defending technologies and business processes, claims the Telecoms.com 2018 survey report.

“The most pleasing thing about this year’s survey was how positive the industry seems to be,” said Scott Bicheno, Editor of Telecoms.com. “60% of respondents described the industry’s overall performance as excellent or good in 2018, with 75% feeling positive about next year and almost half of them identifying 5G as an investment priority. On the security side network security was a priority, with the majority of respondents identifying that as the biggest benefit offered by new security solutions,” explained Scott Bicheno, the Editorial Director of Telecoms.com

With CUJO AI Network, operators can reduce costs, save time, decrease customer churn, and create brand loyalty. Powered by machine learning algorithms, CUJO AI technology solutions not only helps Network Operators to protect the connected homes of their customers but also to improve the connected experience. These solutions include security, advanced device identification, and content controls.

Download Telecoms.com Annual Industry Survey 2018 report here.

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CUJO AI is the leading artificial intelligence company providing network operators AI-driven solutions, including AI security, advanced device identification, advanced parental controls, and more. CUJO AI Platform creates an intuitive end-user facing application for LAN and wireless (mobile and public WiFi), powered by machine learning and real-time data. Each solution can be implemented as a white-label offering. CUJO AI was recently listed as a “Vendor to Watch” and a “Cool Vendor in IoT security” by research company Gartner. CUJO AI employs a staff of 150 professionals. More information about CUJO AI can be found at cujo.com

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