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CUJO AI wins the annual AI Breakthrough Awards, taking home the Best Machine Learning Platform award. 

Walnut, CA (June 23, 2021) – CUJO AI, the global leader of cutting-edge cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions that enables network operators globally to improve the digital life protection of their customers in and outside the home, today announced that CUJO AI Digital Life Protection Platform wins the Best Machine Learning Platform award at the annual AI Breakthrough Awards. 

CUJO AI Digital Life Protection Platform is based on a core set of technologies that leverage AI and ML analysis, for real-time detection of previously unknown threats and real-time threat intelligence for known threats. Instead of relying solely on a library of existing attack pattern signatures, CUJO AI actively learns from network traffic and device behavior to block ever-evolving threat vectors. 

“Successful applications of Artificial Intelligence are already changing how we think about cybersecurity,” claims Santeri Kangas, CTO, CUJO AI. “Not only ML algorithms help us accurately detect connected devices on the network, but we can also identify how these devices behave in normal conditions and react to abnormalities in real-time. With more than 1 billion devices under management, we have hundreds of thousands of device behavior samples. Therefore, our platform is always one step ahead of the threats that emerge on the home network.” 

CUJO AI is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community and the Global AI Action Alliance. The company participates in the activities of a select group of the world’s most promising scale-ups at the forefront of technological and business model innovation, harnessing the transformative potential of AI, accelerating the adoption of trusted, transparent, and inclusive AI systems globally. 

The AI Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, technologies, and products in the Artificial Intelligence industry today, with a comprehensive list of award categories that recognize the best AI industry leaders. With over 2,200 nominations coming this year coming in from all over the world, some of the other winners from this year include NetApp, Hypergiant, Celonis, IBM, Hyperscience, Verint, Red Hat, Olive, AMP Robotics, BMC, and more. 

The latest recognition for CUJO AI also includes Cutting Edge in Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) award at Global InfoSec Awards 2021, Best Network AI Innovation at Future Digital Awards 2021, Best Secured Network Initiative at Broadband World Forum 2020 Awards, Gold Winners in the Innovative Services category at Edison Awards 2020, Winners of the BIG Innovation Awards 2020, and Most Innovative Security Strategy at Leading Lights Awards 2019. 


About CUJO AI 

CUJO AI provides advanced multi-layered cybersecurity as a product for internet service providers, which allows them to protect end-users’ devices and home networks. Major mobile and broadband providers partner with CUJO AI to offer security as an added-value service to their clients. Thanks to a unified approach that encompasses AI algorithms and an unmatched scale of its database, the company’s products have a proven positive impact on their partner telecom revenue streams and customer retention. As the only comparative platform deployed to monitor over 1 billion devices, CUJO AI offers the most advanced AI algorithms to help its clients uncover previously unavailable insights about devices on their networks. Data processed by these algorithms is in full compliance with all privacy regulations.

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