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Los Angeles, CA (May 14, 2024) – CUJO AI, the leading provider of advanced cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions for internet service providers (ISPs), has been honored with three awards at the prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024, highlighting its impact and innovation in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards highlight the exceptional achievements and groundbreaking technologies of companies, products, and professionals in the cybersecurity industry. With the participation of over 600,000+ cybersecurity experts, these awards hold immense value in recognizing the best cybersecurity solutions and industry leaders worldwide.

Biggest Cybersecurity Brand Growth

CUJO AI’s recognition in the “Biggest Cybersecurity Brand Growth” category marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion, particularly its successful penetration into the European market.

Over the past year, CUJO AI has significantly enhanced its visibility and customer engagement across Europe. This strategic expansion has not only increased CUJO AI’s customer base but also its influence within the global cybersecurity industry, affirming its dedication to innovation in addressing complex cybersecurity challenges faced by leading ISPs.

Internet of Things Security (IoT)

CUJO AI has once again secured a victory in the “Internet of Things Security (IoT)” category at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024, continuing its streak of receiving numerous accolades in this area year after year.

This consistent recognition underscores CUJO AI’s unwavering leadership in protecting connected devices across the globe. Thanks to the largest device inventory in the world, the company remains ahead of its competitors, continuously delivering innovative and effective security solutions. Their commitment to using advanced AI-driven technologies ensures robust protection against a wide spectrum of cyber threats targeting devices on ISP networks, including IoT.

Cybersecurity Research

For the first time, CUJO AI Labs has been honored in the “Cybersecurity Research” category at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024, marking a well-deserved recognition for their exceptional contributions to the field of cybersecurity research.

This division is deeply involved in pioneering studies and developing innovative technologies that propel the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures forward. CUJO AI Labs actively participates in scientific conferences and symposiums, enhancing their visibility and collaboration within the scientific community. Additionally, they publish insightful annual reports that are highly regarded for their depth and breadth of analysis. These reports contribute significantly to the broader cybersecurity community by sharing valuable findings and advancing the industry’s understanding of evolving cyber threats.

“We congratulate CUJO AI on being recognized as an award winner in three categories of the 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the 600,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, which organizes the 9th annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. “With over 600 entries across more than 300 categories, the awards are highly competitive. Your achievement in multiple categories reflects outstanding commitment to the core principles of excellence, innovation, and leadership in cybersecurity.”

“We are deeply honored to receive these prestigious awards in multiple categories,” said Remko Vos, CEO of CUJO AI. “These recognitions affirm our leadership in the industry and our continuous commitment to advancing security technologies and research to protect against evolving cyber threats.”

For a full list of winners and detailed insights into the achievements recognized at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024, please visit the official website: https://cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com/


CUJO AI enhances the ability to understand, serve, and protect their customers with advanced cybersecurity, along with granular network and device intelligence for network service providers. Covering 3 billion connected devices, CUJO AI’s advanced AI algorithms assist clients in uncovering previously unavailable insights, thereby elevating customer experience and retention through new value propositions and superior operational services. Fully compliant with all privacy regulations, CUJO AI’s services are trusted by the largest broadband operators worldwide, including Comcast, Charter Communications, BT (EE), TELUS, Sky Italia, Sky UK, Rogers, Cox, Shaw, and Videotron. More information is available at https://cujo.com.

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