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Los Angeles, CA (September 2, 2021) – CUJO AI, the global leader of innovative cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions that enables network operators globally to improve the digital life protection of their customers in and outside the home, today announced that CUJO AI is among finalists for the Company of the Year award at Leading Lights 2021. 

The Leading Lights Awards, comprising 25 categories, recognize the industry’s top companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies, and innovation. The Company of the Year (Private) award is awarded to the privately held firm that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, makes investors proud and makes employees happy. 

“We are honored to be nominated for this prestigious award by one of the most credible and authoritative awards programs in the industry,” says Einaras von Gravrock, CEO, CUJO AI. “It is a privilege to be among leaders that deliver the most innovative and impactful technology products in the telecommunications industry.” 

With over 1 billion connected devices monitored and protected daily, CUJO AI brings a complete portfolio of products to fixed network, mobile, and public Wi-Fi operators around the world. CUJO AI enables them to provide their customers with a seamlessly integrated suite of Digital Life Protection services while improving their network monitoring, intelligence, and protection capabilities. 

The Leading Lights nomination is the latest in a series of awards for CUJO AI who were recently awarded for the Best Machine Learning Platform at AI Breakthrough Awards 2021, Cutting Edge in Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) award at Global InfoSec Awards 2021, Best Network AI Innovation at Future Digital Awards 2021, Best Secured Network Initiative at Broadband World Forum 2020 Awards, Gold Winners in the Innovative Services category at Edison Awards 2020, Winners of the BIG Innovation Awards 2020, and Most Innovative Security Strategy at Leading Lights Awards 2019. 

 The complete list of all the Leading Lights Awards nominees can be found at Light Reading: https://www.lightreading.com/aiautomation/leading-lights-2021-finalists/ 

The Leading Lights winners will be announced online on October 1, 2021. For more information: https://tmt.knect365.com/leading-lights/ 

About CUJO AI  

CUJO AI provides advanced multi-layered cybersecurity as a product for internet service providers, which allows them to protect end-users’ devices and home networks. Major mobile and broadband providers partner with CUJO AI to offer security as an added-value service to their clients. Thanks to a unified approach that encompasses AI algorithms and an unmatched scale of its database, the company’s products have a proven positive impact on their partner telecom revenue streams and customer retention. As the only comparative platform deployed to monitor over 1 billion devices, CUJO AI offers the most advanced AI algorithms to help its clients uncover previously unavailable insights about devices on their networks. Data processed by these algorithms is in full compliance with all privacy regulations. 

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