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CUJO AI is the first device intelligence and cybersecurity service provider to reach an unprecedented scale in carrier production networks.

Los Angeles, CA (April 12, 2023) – CUJO AI, the global leader in network intelligence and security solutions for network operators, scales its device intelligence services to over 2 billion connected devices, the largest inventory in the world. While pioneering device intelligence in telecommunications, CUJO AI demonstrates the most comprehensive device detection, categorization, and protection capabilities.

Network operators agree that understanding which devices are connected to the home network and how they are used is critical to delivering a good Wi-Fi experience to their customers. However, this task is challenging due to the sheer volume and diverse range of devices, further compounded by the limited data to accurately identify and classify devices within the network.

“Customer experience is the cornerstone of success for any industry, and at Comcast, we’re committed to delivering exceptional innovation and service that exceeds our customers’ expectations,” says John McCann, SVP of Connected Living Technology, Comcast. “By leveraging CUJO AI’s technology, we have improved customers’ experiences in managing their Wi-Fi connectivity, Advanced Security, and self-care for their Xfinity services.”

Device intelligence goes beyond simple device identities and provides useful device context. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, CUJO AI technology detects and reports crucial device characteristics, including device type, model, operating system, and capabilities. With over 50,000 device models already detected and approximately 1,000 new device models added each month, CUJO AI’s solution is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for leading service providers in North America and Europe.

“The first step towards improving customer experience is to understand what is happening within their networks,” says Remko Vos, CEO, CUJO AI. “Leveraging device intelligence provides network operators with an unparalleled opportunity to deliver personalized, continually optimized connectivity that not only meets evolving customer demands but also facilitates the development of innovative, data-driven products.”

Market leaders trust CUJO AI to help them improve the in-home experiences for their broadband customer base by providing device intelligence solutions to generate actionable customer insights and build value-added services for the home user With CUJO AI’s solutions, network service providers are experiencing a range of benefits, including increased end-user satisfaction, reduced customer support costs, and the ability to drive incremental revenue. By gaining a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences, these companies can create personalized services that meet their specific needs and enhance the overall customer experience.


CUJO AI provides multi-layered cybersecurity for Internet Service Providers, which allows them to protect end-users’ devices and home networks. Major mobile and broadband providers partner with CUJO AI to offer their clients security as an added-value service. As the only platform deployed to monitor over 2 billion devices, CUJO AI offers the most advanced AI algorithms to help its clients uncover previously unavailable insights about devices on their networks. Data processed by these algorithms is in full compliance with all privacy regulations. CUJO AI provides AI-powered cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions to the largest broadband operators worldwide, including Comcast and Charter Communications.

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