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CUJO AI blocks close to 2 billion threats in just 6 months, two-thirds of all households are a target of cybercrime

Los Angeles (November 29, 2023) CUJO AI, a global leader in AI-driven network security and intelligence solutions, released comprehensive data from its CUJO AI Sentry deployments, revealing it halted nearly 2 billion cyber threats targeting millions of home and mobile devices from April to October 2023.

The insights were drawn from real-life deployments of CUJO AI Sentry, an innovative cybersecurity solution for network service providers (NSPs). It operates on home routers, safeguarding every device connected to the network.  Deployed across North America and Europe, CUJO AI Sentry secures over 50 million networks, protecting over 2 billion devices.

“The latest findings demonstrate our commitment to understanding and navigating the intricate threat ecosystem that consumers face daily,” said Kimmo Kasslin, VP of Labs, CUJO AI. “Our broad deployments equip us with a unique perspective on varied threats, from botnet activities to malware and phishing campaigns. Our mission is to continuously innovate and offer unmatched protection to our global customer base.”

 Highlights from CUJO AI’s Cybersecurity Report:

  • High Threat Volume: CUJO AI Sentry blocked a staggering 1.95 billion threats in a six-month window.
  • Prevalent IP Reputation Threats: In September, 6% of households were exposed to 47% of all online threats.
  • Multiple Device Targeting: More than 59% of homes facing threats had multiple devices compromised.
  • Primary Threat Sources: Safe browsing (53%) and IP reputation (47%) emerged as the leading sources of threats.
  • Device-Specific Vulnerabilities: Attended devices (like smartphones and computers) mainly faced browsing threats (88%), while unattended devices (such as IoT gadgets) were mostly impacted by IP reputation threats (87%).
  • High-Risk Devices: Network-attached storage devices encountered threats over 150 times more frequently than the average device, and DVRs were attacked 30 times more often.

The CUJO AI cybersecurity report is a cornerstone in understanding the current state of cyber threats, leveraging extensive threat data gathered in partnership with some of the world’s largest network service providers, including Comcast, Charter Communications, TELUS, BT, Sky UK, Sky Italia, Rogers, Cox, Shaw, Videotron, and others.

Network service providers globally are taking decisive actions to enhance their cybersecurity measures. NSPs are significantly investing in advanced cybersecurity technologies, including AI and machine learning, to stay ahead of cybercriminals. CUJO AI’s cutting-edge solutions play a pivotal role in this technological advancement, offering NSPs the capability to anticipate, identify, and neutralize threats before they reach the consumer.

Understanding that each household’s security needs are unique, NSPs, with CUJO AI’s expertise, are developing tailored approaches to address the specific vulnerabilities and risks of different devices and user profiles within a household.

“CUJO AI’s innovative approach in tackling online threats has provided substantial protection for our customers, fundamentally transforming our ability to defend them against sophisticated cyber-attacks. CUJO AI’s technology is not just a tool; it’s an integral part of our commitment to customer security,” says Massimo Bertolotti, Communications & Infrastructure Senior Director, Sky Italia.

The collaborative effort between CUJO AI and leading NSPs marks a significant step forward in protecting consumers from the ever-evolving landscape of online threats. The integration of CUJO AI Sentry ensures real-time threat detection and prevention, offering consumers a more secure and resilient digital environment.

For a deeper dive into the findings, please refer to the full report: https://cujo.com/resources/2023-cybersecurity-report/

About CUJO AI  

CUJO AI boosts the ability to understand, serve, and protect NSP customers with advanced cybersecurity and granular network and device intelligence for network service providers. Deployed in 50 million homes and covering over 2 billion connected devices, CUJO AI’s advanced AI algorithms help clients uncover previously unavailable insights to raise the bar on customer experience & retention with new value propositions and superior operational services. Fully compliant with all privacy regulations, CUJO AI services are trusted by the largest broadband operators worldwide, including Comcast, Charter Communications, TELUS, BT, Sky UK, Sky Italia, Rogers, Cox, Shaw, and Videotron. More information is available at https://cujo.com.

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