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CUJO AI offers an integrated platform for fixed network, mobile, and public Wi-Fi operators to deliver Digital Life Protection services, while improving internal network intelligence and protection capabilities.

Complete Protection and Actionable Insight

Single integration for two classes of service based products

Digital Life Protection Services 

Artificial Intelligence and real-time network data are combined, working together to create smarter and safer environments for people and all their connected devices. Operators can bring to market quickly and reliably a full suite of value added services including security, content access control and privacy protection.

Operational Intelligence and Network Analytics

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and advanced data access technologies, unprecedented visibility and actionable insights are provided for end-user networks by inventorying connected devices, analyzing applications and services in use, and detecting security and privacy threats.

WHITE LABEL/EVAL MOBILE APPLICATION EXPLORER Stand-alone device intelligence that identifies devices and provides device context for the service provider DEVICES THREATS PRIVACY APPLICATIONS LENS Customizable dashboard to visualize and analyze device statistics, network utilization data and threat management activity Operational intelligence and protection services for Operators Digital Life Protection services for Consumers and Businesses SENTRY Network Security & Device Protection Customer Engagement Active control & protection Information access, integration & intelligence Information visualization and analysis DEVICES THREATS PRIVACY APPLICATIONS COMPASS Content Control & Digital Parenting ON THE MOVE Mobile Device ProtectionAcross All Networks

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