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Using machine learning, CUJO secures smart device vulnerabilities that AV software can not.

August 23rd, 2017 from Los Angeles, CA: CUJO smart firewall is able to do what antivirus products are unable to do. Antivirus software protects your computer against malicious software. However, it can do nothing for the various smart home products that are in your home.

Smart home products have become a staple in most homes across the United States. In fact, there are over 20 billion internet connected devices worldwide as of 2017. Devices include internet-connected TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, and even baby monitors. Unfortunately, although these devices are plentiful, security measures are not.

As this number continues to increase, so do the malicious attacks by opportunistic hackers. Manufacturers leave serious vulnerabilities, as recent attacks have proved. Hackers use these vulnerable devices as entry points into your network to access your sensitive information. AV software only protects your computer; it does not protect these vulnerable devices.

“The explosion of IOT devices on the market is creating a vast security hole for consumers. Just covering PC’s, Macs and Android devices is not enough in today’s connected world” explained Einaras Gravrock, CEO of CUJO.

Using machine learning, CUJO is constantly getting smarter to defend against complex and innovative attacks. CUJO notifies and blocks any potential threats you or your family may stumble while unknowingly browsing unsafe sites. It also protects you from other attempts to access your data, privacy, and finances, such as phishing, ransomware, and camera hacks. Additionally, with CUJO you can monitor and control when, what, and how much your children are accessing on the Internet.

About CUJO

CUJO is a smart firewall that protects connected homes and IoT devices from criminal hackers and web threats. Using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps to manage your network, CUJO security solution gives home and small business users peace of mind while online. CUJO is available for purchase at https://www.getcujo.com and major retailers.

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