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CUJO AI Lens application is available to the RDK community through integration with CPE manufacturers


El Segundo, California (October 22, 2019) – CUJO AI today announced Lens, a breakthrough network analytics dashboard that enables network operators to obtain granular, dynamic, and near real-time actionable insights will be showcased at the RDK Tech Summit in Lisbon from October 22-24, 2019. CUJO AI Lens is first being made available through a no-cost licensing program to network operators that are utilizing RDK software on their broadband customer premises equipment (CPE).


NSPs will have a path to leverage RDK-based device data analytics and visualize it through CUJO AI Lens. CUJO AI Lens gives NSPs access to GDPR-compliant, actionable AI-driven insights into end customer’s connected devices. 


“CUJO AI is strongly committed to RDK and its ability to support cloud-managed CPEs.  Lens leverages RDK’s data analytics capabilities, allowing technical and non-technical teams to access complex information at large scale, intuitively and clearly for powerful answers across operations, business, marketing, and customer service. In line with the RDK community’s spirit of openness, we are offering this product through a no-cost licensing program, so that all operators, regardless of their size or financial means, can finally have the right information to develop services that truly respond to their customers’ needs,” explained Andrea Peiro, President of CUJO AI. 


“CUJO AI continues to be an innovative force within the RDK community,” said Steve Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK. “RDK gives service providers a common method to extract ‘big data’ from CPE in the field, but they still need the right tools to leverage that effectively. CUJO AI Lens is a compelling new application enabling service providers to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the customer experience and network performance.” 

Network operators face challenges in understanding how consumers utilize their networks and broadband internet access. Lens’ interactive exploration interface and reporting dashboards are designed to enable network operators to navigate, cross-correlate and report on data related to connected devices, applications usage, content access, security threats, and privacy features that occur within consumer and business networks. By taking advantage of CUJO AI Lens, service providers can build on the full set of self-diagnostic tools to further enhance their ability to optimize operations and elevate the customer experience. 


RDK is an open-source software platform for the connected home that standardizes core functions used in broadband devices, set-top boxes, and IoT solutions. RDK software resides on the chipsets within the CPE and enables service providers to standardize certain technical functionality. For broadband CPE, RDK provides a common method to manage routing, Wi-Fi, DNS, device management, diagnostics, and IoT interfaces, such as Bluetooth, Thread and Zigbee.


With 20 million homes and over half a billion connected devices monitored and protected daily, CUJO AI brings to fixed network, mobile and public Wi-Fi operators around the world a complete portfolio of products to provide their customers with a seamlessly integrated suite of digital life protection services while improving their network monitoring, intelligence, and protection capabilities.



Powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence models and uniquely built on billions of real-world data points, the CUJO AI portfolio of products is designed to gain a clear insight on how data moves across networks and digitally protect people and devices, creating a safer smart-living experience in homes, businesses, and connected communities. Network, mobile and public Wi-Fi operators around the world utilize the CUJO AI portfolio of products to provide their customers with a seamlessly integrated suite of value-added services, covering: network monitoring and protection, advanced connected device identification, real-time network security, privacy protection, content access control, and digital parenting. 

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