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Los Angeles, CA (June 28, 2023) – CUJO AI, a globally renowned leader in cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), is proud to announce that it has received the Highly Commended award for Best IoT/IIoT Security Solution at the esteemed SC Awards Europe 2023.

This Highly Commended accolade for Best IoT Security Solution is a testament to CUJO AI’s dedication to excellence and leadership in the industry. The SC Awards Europe is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for cybersecurity best practices and accomplishments. The expert panel of judges, renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience, carefully selected CUJO AI for this prestigious recognition. 

With CUJO AI, ISPs are able to give their end-users more autonomy in managing their home networks while ensuring robust cybersecurity. The company’s innovative approach involves sharing device identities with end-users through consumer-facing apps provided by network operators. By instantly seeing the connected devices on their network and managing them effortlessly, end-users experience improved online security, enhanced customer satisfaction, and greater control over their network environment. 

“We are thrilled to receive the Highly Commended award at the SC Awards Europe 2023. This achievement is a significant milestone for CUJO AI, demonstrating our commitment to delivering advanced IoT security solutions,” said Remko Vos, CEO of CUJO AI. “By empowering ISP end-users with greater control over their networks and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures, we are shaping the future of connected experiences.” 

CUJO AI provides network operators with a seamlessly integrated suite of services. With over 2 billion connected devices monitored and protected daily, CUJO AI delivers real-time threat detection for both known and previously unknown threats. Leveraging AI and machine learning analysis, CUJO AI actively learns from network traffic and device behavior, safeguarding against ever-evolving threat vectors. 

This recognition adds to CUJO AI’s growing list of achievements, including the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company; Internet of Things (IoT) Security at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023; Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) at the Global Infosec Awards, RSA 2023; the Company of the Year (Private), Editor’s choice, Leading Lights 2022; the Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence award at the Global Infosec Awards 2022; the Best Machine Learning Platform award at the AI Breakthrough Awards 2021; and the Cutting Edge in Cybersecurity Internet of Things (IoT) award at the Global InfoSec Awards 2021, among others. 

CUJO AI remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower end-users, enhance network security, and redefine the cybersecurity landscape. To learn more about CUJO AI and its award-winning solutions, please visit https://cujo.com. 

The coveted group of this year’s SC Awards Europe winners may be found on the website: https://www.scawardseurope.com/  

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