Monitors Data and Enforces Policy at Key Points in the Network

CUJO AI Agent is a high-performance, small and low overhead software module deployed within consumer and business broadband gateways, 5G cloud cores or as part of a software-defined network architecture to capture and process critical data from the network flow, and act upon it to block threats, content or network access.

Key Capabilities

Respects Privacy

CUJO AI Agent measures and monitors only the connection information and technical components of the flow without inspecting user generated or user addressed content This guarantees end user privacy and regulatory compliance.


Low Performance Impact

CUJO AI Agent is built on unique intellectual property that allows it to have negligible performance impact on the host processor yet be able to capture and process all critical data from the network flow. Agent acts upon the data flows, if needed, quickly blocking threats, content or network access in a granular and non-invasive way.


Real-Time Action

CUJO AI Agent is tightly integrated with existing vendor software, providing real-time monitoring of usage across all connected devices in the edge network.


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CUJO AI Platform

Cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates, and acts on network data

CUJO AI Engine

Constantly reinforcing AI Engine that processes and curates data


Acquires, processes, and stores vast quantities of collected data