CUJO AI Platform

Single Stack, Single Integration for all Services

The CUJO AI Platform is a full-stack set of cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates, and acts on device-level network data across an operator network.

Platform Components


Monitors data and enforces policy at key points in the network

CUJO AI Engine

Constantly reinforcing AI Engine that processes and curates data


Acquires, processes, and stores vast quantities of collected data

Data and Action Domains


The CUJO AI Platform enables rapid AI powered device detection, identification and classification. This and an understanding of the capabilities of each device can be used to develop consumer and business services.

Content and Applications

Application and web content is analyzed and categorized to enable content control services and provide network operators data for more informed customer service, growth planning, marketing analytics and product development insights.

Security Threats

The CUJO AI Platform constantly gathers data from the edge network and using artificial intelligence, it detects and blocks security threats against connected devices. Denial of service, remote access, botnets, and abnormal behavior analysis are all processed real-time by the CUJO AI Platform and available for reporting and further action.


The CUJO AI Platform can identify and block both ad trackers and ad engines in an intelligent way that does not adversely affect content access and with no end device software.  This can enable privacy services and reporting intelligence.

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